Friday, March 20, 2015

It's spring - Time for the right wing freak-out over the Day of Silence

On April 17 thousands of students across the country will participate in the student-led Day of Silence with organizational assistance from GLSEN. The objective of the DoS is to demonstrate the silencing effect that bullying has on LGBTQ students. Day of Silence is an elegant and peaceful means of generating awareness.

Every year the Christian right, in anticipation of the event, seems to do its very best to demonstrate why the Day of Silence is necessary in the first place. For unfathomable reasons they encourage Christian parents to keep their children at home. Enter Laurie Higgins of the anti-gay hate group Illinois Family Institute via American Family Association's news blog. The piece is titled 'Day of Silence' should be a morning of no-shows:
"What they really mean is this is a day about promoting their leftist beliefs about homosexuality," Higgins says of GLSEN.

She is encouraging parents to call their child's school and ask administrators if students will be allowed to remain quiet during classroom instruction. If so, parents should respond by taking their child out of school on the 17th.

Higgins says that tactic is not about discriminating against students with same-sex attractions.

"This is about communicating to school administrations that you will not tolerate political action in the classroom," she says.

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