Monday, March 23, 2015

Making the right wing rounds - Employee's open letter to Home Depot

My first reaction to Timothy Noffsinger's open letter to Home Depot was that he was a poor performing employee who was trying to make it more difficult to terminate him. The North Lakewood, Colorado employee claims (in big red letters) that “the Home Depot preaches evil to employees.” I could literally throw a dart at the five page rant and hit a colossally ignorant bit of homophobia. Nevertheless Mr. Noffsinger is becoming [the next] [big thing] [in right wing] Christianity.

The evil that seems so upsetting to Noffsinger is respect for coworkers and customers (even for him) which is what Home Depot is really trying to accomplish, That improves productivity and profitability.

Perhaps there is a Chick fil A nearby with a job opening because Tim is clearly miserable at THD. Although … if he got canned there might be a job at NOM or FRC just waiting for someone like him.
LGBT as we know stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, an acronym coined to describe a collective of people who practice and promote these four sexual behaviors, which are morally evil and self-destructive sexual deviations.It is self-evident that what LGBT people practice and promote is perverse.
Aside from the fact that “LGBT” is not an acronym …
We should warn LGBT individuals that God will not tolerate those who destroy His order of creation. Because He loves us, the Lord says “I will punish those who do evil.” Truly, LGBT are destroying themselves and other people around them.
Those who promote LGBT hate God, determined to be a god unto themselves. They seek to control not only the law, not only behavior, not only speech, but even individual thought! Thus LGBT promotion is a vehicle for the tyrant’s advance (“progress”). And the attack on our Liberty is carefully orchestrated, first by perverting language: gay, hate crime; as subtle changes move people to accept evil. Then massive changes like redefining marriage quickly undermine society.
What would happen if Craig Menear, Chairman and CEO, were to appear at the next board meeting in lipstick and a wig wearing a skirt and pantyhose? In the midst of such absurdity, could the Board of Directors function as though there were nothing wrong and work effectively? I doubt it. The same discord would take hostage any workplace. Certainly, it harms the professional image of the store where I work.

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