Tuesday, March 3, 2015

NOM continues to mislead potential donors

National Organization for Marriage has, again, sent out an urgent plea for money on the premise that; a) the funds will be used to fund their March for Marriage and; b) that their planned demonstration will have an impact on the United States Supreme Court. Both of those claims are patently untrue.

Funds that they receive are far more likely to be used to meet their ongoing working capital shortfall. The expenses of the so-called Marriage March are most likely to be met primarily by those who choose to participate.

As for the consideration of the Supreme Court, the issue is not an abstraction. The Court has set forth the matter clearly and succinctly. Do same-sex marriage bans deny gay couples constitutional rights afforded by the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment?

Nothing that NOM does, or proposes to do, will affect the answer to that question, oral argument, the submission of briefs or the outcome of deliberations. Nothing.

Sorry pal - Your might be
smarter than the NOMmers
This is the same bullshit that they trotted in 2013 when the Court was hearing United States v. Windsor and the Prop 8 cases. Same pitch, same meaningless march same money down the proverbial crapper. They must think that their constituency has collective (or selective) amnesia. Either that or they presume their donors to have the intelligence of the average miniature Schnauzer.


Did you know that we have only 54 days until the 2015 March for Marriage?

That's less than two months to prepare for the single most important task we can undertake in defense of marriage this year...

The Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments — likely in the days right before or following the March — in a case that could shape the legal definition of marriage for years to come. It could be a case that goes down in history as the Roe v Wade of marriage... or as the greatest legal victory marriage has ever won.

[ Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! ]

… So this is our last, best chance to wake up the Supreme Court and let them know that the American people demand that they respect our votes and our voice and not meddle in the democratic decisions of state voters and legislators to define marriage in the law as it exists in reality — one man and one woman.
[ More BS and more Gimme, Gimme, Gimme ]

Rinse - repeat

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