Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NOM has ceded even the pretense of honesty

Is that in lavender?
National Organization for Marriage has launched it's marriage march website. Once again NOM is misleading donors and potential participants claiming that this action will somehow influence the Supreme Court of the United States as they deliberate the marriage cases beginning on April 28.
The 2015 March for Marriage is our last, best opportunity to reach the U.S. Supreme Court before they decide whether marriage as it has existed throughout our history is unconstitutional. For months, activist federal judges across the country have issued illegitimate rulings redefining marriage against the will of 50 million state voters and legislators who voted to preserve marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Please join us on April 25 for this critical March for Marriage to tell the U.S. Supreme Court to reaffirm the legitimacy of state marriage laws.
In addition to the misleading intent (walking around DC with signs will have no effect on the Court) their description of the issue is outrageously dishonest. The Court is not going to decide if traditional marriage is unconstitutional. Rather, the Court is going to decide if same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional. There is a considerable difference. And “illegitimate rulings” means rulings that the Catholic Church, and thus NOM, do not like.

This is just “something to do.” Brian Brown and some staff are ensconced in offices in suburban Philadelphia while the rest of the crew are in DC. They really have nothing to do; certainly nothing that justifies throwing more money at an organization that has lost every contest. It will be interesting to see how many people actually show up for this silliness. Whether it's 100 or 10,000 NOM and its supporters will remain irrelevant.

By the way, in addition to soliciting donations they are selling sponsorships. For 2 Gs you get “Recognition as bus sponsor on event website.” For 25 thou you get to speak at the event (speaker pre-approved by NOM).

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