Thursday, March 26, 2015

Robby George is promoting a new book

Robert P. George
The conservative Catholic blog, First Things, carries a post by Princeton Professor Robert P. George. The presumed Opus Deist is co-founder of National Organization for Marriage and Witherspoon Institute among many other things.
I was recently interviewed by C-Span about my book Conscience and Its Enemies. For any readers who might be interested, here’s the video.
There is no reason to embed the video here; you can watch it at link above. A transcript is also available (it's an all-caps horror). There was one section that drew both my attention. What follows is a copy of the comment that I posted at First Things. Comments are moderated so I was on my best behavior (in spite of the fact that Robby was in his usual full-of-shit mode).

No one need tell Dr. George that he is entitled to his opinon:
I think that if we recognize same-sex partnerships as to marriages we abandon the basic idea of marriage, lose any principal basis for affirming the traditional norms of marriage such as exclusivity, permanence of commitment. Subjectively people may feel that they want to stick with those norms socially in an open, permanent commitment, but those will simply be subjective desires, not the principal reason for maintaining those norms.
I submit that married gay couples affirm exclusivity, permanence and commitment in the same way that opposite-sex couples do. There is nothing “subjective” about their devotion that is, in any way, different from opposite-sex couples. Nothing. Frankly, I find Dr. George's suggestion rather offensive. I was with my late partner for over 30 years and we were instrumental in raising two children. Who is he to judge?

The only difference is that gay couples cannot reproduce. Neither can many straight couples and some who can opt not to. Moreover, same-sex marriage is a civil, in contrast to religious, issue. The Church does not recognize same-sex marriages and never will, regardless of the legal recognition. Nobody is trying to change that. Yet Dr. George is examining same-sex marriage from a doctrinal perspective.

In civil law the purpose of, and for, marriage is to create a marital estate. Period. The estate is intended to provide security for a surviving spouse and children. The estate is intended as a means of providing support for children in the event that the marriage dissolves. Exclusivity, permanence and commitment are vows that (most) betrothed make to each other as part of maintaining a marriage.
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George is a tedious robot and he has an agenda on behalf of the Church. He is revered as a great thinker and intellectual yet, at times, he doesn't seem to make much sense (for obvious reasons).

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