Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sean Fieler continues to fund Regnerus' junk science

Mark Regnerus
Mark Regnerus
According to a report filed with the Internal Revenue Service, Sean Fieler's Chiaroscuro Foundation provided Austin Institute with $250,000 in 2013. Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture is just another Witherspoon Institute. Indeed, Luis Tellez, the Opus Dei numerary who co-founded Witherspoon with Robert George, is also on the board of Austin Institute.

Austin Institute has provided a base for Mark Regnerus. Regnerus, of course, is the author of the thoroughly discredited study, funded by Witherspoon, which claimed that gay couples were inferior parents without actually studying gay couples and their children.

Austin Institute filed an initial return with the IRS covering the 4-½ months ended June 30, 2013. They showed total revenue of $205,000. The Chiaroscuro report shows two payments of $150,000 and $100,000. It seems quite probable that the first of those payments accounted for 75% of Austin Institute's reported revenues. The remaining $100,000 would have been disbursed between June 30 and December 31.

In 2013, Fieler funded the foundation to the tune of $15 million. Other interesting donations include:
  • $25,000 to C-Fam which is Austin Ruse's anti-gay hate group.
  • $105,000 went to Charles LiMandri's Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund which fights in opposition to LGBT rights.
  • $238,000 went to Witherspoon Institute.
  • Surprisingly $100,000 was donated to David Blankenhorn's Institute for American Values. Fieler had previously withdrawn funding after Blankenhorn announced his support of marriage equality.
  • The largest single donation was $1 million to the FEMM Foundation which is controlled by Fieler and funded entirely by Chiaroscuro. FEMM is opening faux family planning centers that teach women natural birth control. They completely obfuscate anything religious or associated with the Catholic Church.
  • National Organization for Marriage did not receive a dime.

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