Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Stemberger and mania vs. Florida GOP

Updated to include AFA's participation: Well this should be fun. This came in at 11:00 PM last night. Florida's leading homo-bigot, John Stemberger of Florida Family Policy Council, is having a late night fit over the removal of the homosexual preclusion from Florida's adoption laws. Stemberger, you will recall, is so homophobic that he started an alternative Boy Scout program to prevent his sons from having to mingle with some gay boys. The most entertaining part of this is that Stemberger feels betrayed by Florida Republicans who control both houses of the state legislature:

John Stemberger
Sadly, under the cover of night, Republican leadership in the Florida House of Representatives have ram-rodded an amendment to HB 7013, an adoption reform bill, that removes Florida's long standing policy against homosexual adoption. Republican leadership has by-passed the committee process; gave no notice to the public or even to conservative House members; and GOP leadership whips are reported telling other Representatives, "you will vote for this bill," implying serious repercussions if they don't "fall in line."
“Ram-rodded” John? Stemberger must have gone back to sleep after awaking from his nightmare to find that Florida is a marriage equality state. Stemberger, a mediocre lawyer, worked diligently with Mat Staver to pass Florida's now extinct same-sex marriage ban. First the homosexuals can marry and now they can adopt! Seriously? Not exactly a paragon of mental hygiene to begin with Stemberger will undoubtedly require a few years and an intimate relationship with Prozac to restart his dismal existence.

I hate to give GOPers cover but this is not some stealth maneuver because the existing statute is meaningless. in 2010  a state appeals court upheld a ruling by a lower court that the law violated equal protection rights of both would-be adoptive parents and children under the Florida Constitution. The Governor (Charlie Crist) declined to appeal the ruling further. The law, which dates back more than 30 years to the Anita Bryant era, was history.

The bill reads:
A bill to be entitled
An act relating to adoption and foster care; amending s. 39.0016, F.S.; revising requirements for agreements between the Department of Children and Families and specified entities for the provision of educational services; amending s. 63.042, F.S.; deleting a prohibition against adoption by persons who are homosexual; specifying that a person may not be prohibited from adopting solely because he or she desires to educate the adopted child at home; …
Even in this supremely crazy state of Florida this deletion reflects the current status of the law. Nothing more. But rant away Mr. Stemberger. We need one more raving lunatic who goes unnoticed in the Sunshine Asylum. Have at it John.

Stemberger gets some revenge though. His lo-fact talking points make me want to chew on a car tire:
Talking Points:
  • Florida's adoption law is over 40 years old and has always prohibited adoptions by homosexuals because this not what is in the best interest of children.
  • The 2008 District Court opinion in South Florida on gay adoption is only legally binding in South Florida and so homosexual adoptions are not currently legal statewide. 
  • An enormous body of peer reviewed research shows children always perform better with both a mother and a father, and when a mother or father are absent that all social problems are statistically higher.
  • The common law standard for every area of the law is what is in the best interest of children. This amendment is clearly not in the best interest of children.
  • Tens of thousands of parents travel to foreign countries each year to adopt because the demand for infant children to adopt far outweighs the supply in America. Children of any sex, race or national origin can be adopted. There are even quiet waiting lists to adopt children with Down Syndrome. The only children that are very difficult to adopt are those with serious medical issues and older children with severe behavior problems.
  • There is absolutely no legal, moral or political reason why this amendment has to be adopted to be placed on this otherwise good adoption reform bill.
Update: 10:08 AM, Wednesday

The anti-gay hate group, American Family Association, has sent out a word-for-word duplicate of Stemberger's email.

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