Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Cardinal Newman Society seeks to ostracize corporate America's supporters of marriage equality

Cardinal Newman Society

The ultra-conservative Cardinal Newman Society takes note of the fact that 379 businesses have signed onto an amicus brief in support of marriage equality. They assert that this is “contrary to constitutional, civil, natural and divine law and conflicts directly with Catholic teaching and the position of the U.S. Catholic bishops.” Therefore they seek vengeance:
The Cardinal Newman Society therefore urges Catholic schools, colleges and universities to refrain from all honors—including public recognition, honorary speaking platforms, and honored positions on boards and committees—for board members and senior leaders of these 379 corporations and business groups.
There are some problems with the “logic.” It is extremely unlikely that any of the boards of directors of these corporations took up the issue of this amicus brief. More importantly, the brief makes a case for improved profitability. The bottom line to this is just that; The bottom line. Furthermore, these business leaders know that, by signing onto the brief, they are improving employee morale and not just for LGBT employees. Based on the polls, most of their staff members support same-sex marriage. Corporate spirit (in contrast to the holy spirit) is a major contributor to profits.

The first obligation of corporate executives is to profitability. The desires of the pampered prelates who make up the hierarchy of the Catholic Church are unlikely to make it into the business plan. Nor should they. In reality, Newman's fatwa is unlikely to change anything at any Catholic universities. For example many of these had partner benefits in place for employees prior to marriage equality.

IBM Selectric I
Perhaps the folks at the Cardinal Newman Society should first set an example by giving up all of the products and services provided by these companies. That would put them back to the 1960s. They better find their old IBM Selectric typewriters. Cell phones? Forget about it. Internet? Are you kidding? By the way do office supply stores still sell carbon paper? The website and email addresses of Newman would also disappear.

Come to think of it, back to the '60s is exactly where Newman would like us all to be. The society claims a membership of 20,000.

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