Thursday, April 2, 2015

Aww, NOM has a petition for Mike Pence

From a blog post titled Stop the Indiana Train Wreck!, National Organization for Marriage has a new petition for Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana. The start of the petition reads:
I am writing to ask that you oppose the new "clarification" legislation pertaining to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The so called "clarification" would compel me to participate in and promote events which I find morally offensive and which my faith teaches against.

Of course that is just more bullshit on top of a mighty high pile. Selling flowers, for example, is not participating in a same-sex marriage and it certainly isn't promoting anything. What this is obfuscating is the fact that, as an ultra-conservative Catholic, Brian Brown, NOM's president, has a duty to conscientiously object to same-sex marriage. He's in the same boat as Ryan T. Anderson.

Therefore, in the final analysis, Mr. Brown wants Indiana law to reflect the views of the Catholic Church. Establishment clause be damned. For its part, the Church should be content to have adherents refrain from entering into same-sex marriage. But that is insufficient for the arrogant hierarchy. They want the right to interfere with anyone's marriage that they don't approve of, regardless of the faith (or lack of same) of those to be wed.

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