Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Elites have conspired to distort the Indiana RFRA which is why NOM is having a marriage march which is why you should donate money

Brian S. Brown
Ordinarily I prefer much shorter subject lines. Sometimes, with National Organization for Marriage, they write themselves. Earlier today, I wrote about why ultra conservative Catholics are so heavily invested in license-to-discriminate laws. According to a new blog post (pretentiously titled The Truth) from Brian Brown the flap in Indiana and Arkansas is the result of a conspiracy, driven by liberal media and elites, to discredit laws aimed solely at protecting religious liberty:
This is what we're up against. Our opponents make up horror stories and they get spread through the news and social media and repeated as if they were fact. The only way to get the truth out is for us to speak boldly and tell people ourselves what the real facts are.

Acts of discrimination are all just myths perpetrated as part of the Homosexual Agenda™. On the other hand, NOM has been willing to champion the folks who didn't bake cakes, arrange flowers or take photographs. When the bigots are portrayed as victims then it's all true. When those incidents demonstrate real discrimination; well then it's all just make believe, poof!.

And Brown's solution:
This is why we're organizing the 2015 March for Marriage — to show the media and the elites that the American people continue to support the truth that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. And this is why we're marching under the banner of "March for Freedom... March for Truth... March for Marriage!"
Which means:
We're less than one month away from the March and I need your support today to make it a success.

Won't you please prayerfully consider making a donation in support of the March?
So, in reverse, giving money to Brown's organization (which lacks a single success) will facilitate a group of people to march around DC with signs opposing same-sex marriage. That, in turn, means that Brown's version of discrimination and the effects of same-sex marriage will become the truth. Will that affect, say, Indiana's RFRA? Brown doesn't say. Will his constituency think so?

I have come to realize that Mr. Brown reached his limits for ineptitude when he was running a tiny, and ineffective, anti-gay operation in Connecticut. We should personally thank Robby and Maggie for doing us a major solid.

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