Monday, April 20, 2015

FRC seeks to enlighten us with a panel discussion

According to an email sent out to supporters: “U.S. Supreme Court Marriage Case to be Focus of Family Research Council Panel Discussion.” And what brilliant minds will FRC bring to the challenge?
To discuss the implications of these pending cases, Family Research Council (FRC) has brought together an exceptional panel of experts to discuss the marriage and sexuality issues before the Court. The panel will feature leading analysts who will discuss the roles constitutional law, statutes, social science, and the media will play in the Court's decision.

WHO: Cathy Ruse, Esq., (moderator), is a Senior Fellow for Legal Studies at FRC and former chief counsel to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution

Gene Schaerr, Esq., is a graduate of Yale Law School and has clerked for former Chief Justice Warren Berger and for current Associate Justice Antonin Scalia

D. Paul Sullins, Ph.D., social science researcher and associate professor at Catholic University of America

John-Henry Westen, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of LifeSiteNews
This entire exercise is somewhat masturbatory. Nothing will be accomplished or even could be accomplished.

Cathy Ruse is married to uber-Catholic Austin Ruse (who runs the hate group, C-Fam). Cathy is equally nutty. She supports reorientation “therapy” and doesn't believe that transgender people really exist.

Gene Schaerr, an ultra-conservative Mormon lawyer, gave up a prominent position with a large law firm to defend marriage discrimination in Utah.

Paul Sullins is actually a Catholic priest. He recently authored two papers that conclude that children raised by gays are disadvantaged. However, his own professional organization organization wrote:
The two papers fail to account for family stability—the length of time the children spent residing with their same-sex or different-sex parents, and their family histories. The papers also ignored any family transitions for children of same-sex parents that occurred prior to the interview (this includes changes in family arrangements prior to a child’s living with same-sex parents), which paints an incomplete picture of a child’s family experiences. In fact, one paper contains no measure of family stability whatsoever (or transitions for same-sex parents), and the other falsely equates housing status (renting versus owning a home, which only measures socioeconomic means) with family stability.
John-Henry Weston is the editor of LifeSiteNews which is an ultra-conservative Catholic website — gays and Planned Parenthood are evil while the Roman Catholic Church is flawless except when liberals in the hierarchy get in the way. It borders on being a hate site.

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