Thursday, April 2, 2015


Mike Huckabee
According to the “news” blog of American Family Association on Wednesday's “Washington Watch” program (on American Family Radio), host Tony Perkins talked with the former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee. Note that Huckabee is comfortable being interviewed by the leader of one hate group on another hate group's airwaves. According to Huckabee:
None of us has the right to discriminate, but all of us should have the right to use our discretion when it comes to what's proper, what's fitting. If I went to my barber and said I'd like for you to shave a swastika in my head and my barber was Jewish and said I'm not going to do it - do I get to sue the barber and say she has to put the swastika in my head because I demand it? Where does this stop?
Nazis are not a protected class. So, no, you do not get to sue the barber. By the way, if I'm Huckabee's barber I would shave the swastika, take his money and then tell him what a schmuck he is. I am not Huckabee's barber but I still get to tell him that he is an ignorant schmuck.

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