Friday, April 3, 2015

It is time to give thanks to our many friends and allies

We are a small minority and we could not have accomplished the many things that we have accomplished without our committed allies. It gives me comfort to know that there are so many millions of people across the country who see our value; our equal worth. Recent events in Indiana and Arkansas (whatever the outcome) could not have occurred without the help of our many allies who substantially outnumber us.

Some of these people have gay family, friends and coworkers. Many do not. Some of these people are the legal scholars, academics, scientists and professionals who contributed time and money to submit amicus briefs on our behalf. Most are not. Some of our allies in business see a potential economic benefit from LGBT equality. Most of our friends, though, are not business leaders. Some of our friends are clergy from every faith. Most are not.

A few of our friends are celebrities. Most are not. Some of our allies are children and young adults who have had the conviction to teach their parents, aunts and uncles the truth about LGBT folks. A few of our allies are people who just like to stick a finger in the eye of the establishment but most of our allies, I think, are people who just want to do the right thing for their fellow citizens.

A small number of these folks will be feted at $1,000-a-plate black tie events held by Gay, Inc. The overwhelming majority will never be thus honored or even noticeably appreciated for all that they have done.

A few days ago Rick Santorum was invited by YAF to speak at George Washington University. Our allies, kids really, packed the auditorium and held the former senator (and rabid bigot) accountable for his BS. From accounts that I read they did a good job.

I note that the vitriol from those who seek to keep us down is ratcheting up and it is being directed at our friends as much as it is at us. In some quarters it takes courage to be our ally. I appreciate their bravery … and their endurance.

So if you are one of our allies and if, by some chance, you happen to be reading this then thank you from the bottom of my heart. Know that, because of you, some gay kid in some dreadful Alabama town is probably going to have a better life.

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