Monday, April 13, 2015

No easy task given the sheer volume of imbecility

Finding the most stunningly stupid amicus brief in the marriage cases before the Supreme Court was a challenge given the amount of material that is available to work with. Nevertheless, on Friday, “Same-sex attracted men and their wives” provided us with their offering. This is a Mormon group comprised of openly gay men married to women.
All agree that marriage between a man and a woman is inherently unique, and all have chosen to marry and remain married to their wives—notwithstanding their attractions to men— because of their realization that such marriages bring joy and happiness to themselves and to their spouses, children, grand-children, and communities.

Their stories are not based on “reparative therapy,” so-called attempts to “pray away the gay,” or other efforts to change sexual orientation. Rather, amici fully accept the reality of their same-sex attractions and fully affirm their individual self- worth, just as they are.

No problem. If these guys feel that they need to marry women, for whatever reason, and the women accept them for who they are then may the force be with you.  It is their “argument,” however, that makes you wonder just how much damage they are now doing to the gene pool:
… a Constitutional right to same-sex marriage can only come at the cost of marginalizing and demeaning the marriages and families of amici and many others like them.
Of course absent same-sex marriage these folks, homosexuals married to heterosexuals – all wearing matching magic underwear – have no concerns about being marginalized or demeaned. Right? Seriously, this is just another pathetic attempt to advance the idea that gays already have the right to marry (just not to each other). And the entire purpose of this enterprise is to attempt to conform civil law to the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The lawyer on the (poorly structured) brief is Darrin K. Johns out of American Fork, Utah. One of the amici caught my eye. Danny Caldwell is “a clinical mental health counselor in private practice.”

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