Friday, April 17, 2015

Robby decides to send a letter to the Pope

Robert P. George

Thursday, Princeton Professor Robert P. George sent a letter to Pope Francis. This was in response to a letter to the Pope form a group of prominent citizens of San Francisco requesting the removal of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. Cordileone also chairs the Subcommittee on the Promotion and Defense of Marriage of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and was an architect of Calironia's Proposition 8. He is the Church's point man on marriage discrimination. I always thought that Cordileone was Benedict's final “fuck you” to the gay community of San Francisco before he abdicated.

The core of George's letter is comprised of these two paragraphs:
This morning, a group of people published an open letter to you in a San Francisco newspaper urging you to remove Archbishop Cordileone from his office. They identify themselves as Catholics and plead with you to send them a new archbishop that will be true to what they describe as “our values.” But their values, unlike the values proclaimed and upheld by Archbishop Cordileone, are not the values of the Catholic faith. Their complaint against the Archbishop finally comes down to his refusal to bow down before the values of contemporary secularist sexual morality and gender ideology. For this, however, he should be applauded and encouraged, not condemned, much less ousted.

Be assured, Holy Father, that the “prominent Catholics,” as the media describes them, who call on you to remove Archbishop Cordileone do not speak for the faithful Catholics of San Francisco. Already, a movement has emerged to support and encourage the Archbishop. It is a movement of grateful Catholics—not “prominent” people—but ordinary men and women, many of them immigrants or the children of immigrants from many lands. These men and women are grateful to have an archbishop who believes and teaches what the Church believes and teaches. They send their children to the diocesan schools because they desire for them an education imbued with a Christian spirit and shaped by the teachings of the Catholic faith. Their spirits have been lifted by Archbishop Cordileone’s tireless work to ensure that such an education is available to all who desire it.
If you read the letter from the citizens of San Francisco (please do) they have legitimate concerns that they explain in some detail. What struck me was George's utter arrogance and contempt for anyone he disagrees with. Is demagoguery really necessary in a letter to the Pope? The phrase “bow down before the values of contemporary secularist … ” reads like something from a National Organization for Marriage fund raiser after some judge does something that they don't like.

The citizens were respectful and they deserved respect in return. Robby's retort doesn't really address any of the issues raised in the original letter. It's just ad hominem combined with a blanket defense of Cordileone which consists of a disingenuous and dismissive construct to summarize the citizens' plea.

The ultra-orthodox of all religions are seeing rapid changes throughout society and across the globe. They are increasingly desperate for relevance and lost authority. Science disproves much of what they believe yet a learned man like Professor George remains rigid. If the Supreme Court does what I think they are going to do this summer, George and his ilk will become the Whirling Dervishes of Christianity. Buckle up.

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