Monday, April 13, 2015

Ryan T. Anderson has a new enemy - "Big Law"

Ryan T. Anderson

Ryan Anderson has become the Tedious Defender of the Faith™ but he is correct about one thing. As HRC notes, the country’s most prominent law firms, as ranked by American Lawyer, occupy the top spot – in terms of industry representation – among 100 percent-rated employers in the Corporate Equality Index. Indeed, the current index lists 89 law firms that score 100. Conclusion: Our most prestigious law firms support LGBT equality.

According to Mr. Anderson:
Two weeks ago, we saw in Indiana how Big Business, Big Media and political leaders all used their influence to bring down good religious liberty protections. This confluence of Big Business and Big Government has a name: I call it “cultural cronyism.” The same is true for Big Law.

While Big Business is against religious liberty, Big Law is against marriage. The basic viewpoint was captured in yesterday’s New York Times article:

Gay rights advocates offer their own reason for why prominent lawyers are lined up on one side of the marriage cases. “It’s so clear that there are no good arguments against marriage equality,” said Evan Wolfson, the president of Freedom to Marry. “Lawyers can see the truth.”

This statement is presumptuous and self-serving.

Reasonable people can acknowledge that there are good arguments on both sides of this debate. Only ideologues think their side has all the good arguments and the other side has none.
Between Anderson and Wolfson I would say that Evan Wolfson has the more accurate take. Moreover, there is no good argument in opposition to same-sex marriage and there never has been. Anderson, Robby George, Maggie Gallagher et al claimed (and continue to claim) with arcane arguments that there are consequences to same-sex marriage. They have yet to demonstrate what those consequences are. To some extent they are now shifting to the children of same-sex couples being disadvantaged but that is not supported by the science. It is the absence of marriage equality that disadvantages the children of same-sex couples. That's just common sense.

Let's be honest. Anderson, Robby George, Maggie Gallagher et al are opposed to marriage equality because of their religion. Take God out of the equation and there is nothing left in opposition to marriage equality.

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