Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ryan T. Anderson: "I object!"

Ryan T. Anderson
I wonder what Ryan Anderson was like before he was radicalized. Pointless curiosity. Anderson has a new post Thursday on the Heritage Foundation Daily Signal blog titled; Indiana ‘Fix’ on Religious Liberty Law Creates Bad Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Law. As I have previously written, Anderson needs to be able to conscientiously object to same sex marriage. “No flowers for you!” He wants to be able to do so without consequences. He writes:
The religious liberty law is good policy. It needs no “fix.”

And the proposed “fix” amounts to nothing less than a wholesale repeal of the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act with respect to those who need religious liberty protections the most.

The “fix” is bad public policy that explicitly exempts sexual orientation and gender identity laws from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act except with respect to a narrow class of nonprofit religious organizations and their agents. The “fix” specifically targets the millions of other religious Americans who wish to live their lives in accordance with their faith values, free from government coercion.
What Anderson is essentially saying is that religious freedom is entirely dependent upon a right to discriminate. Later on Anderson writes:
It is important to note that this fix does not create new sexual orientation and gender identity privileges in Indiana; it says that the religious freedom restoration act cannot protect citizens from existing (municipal) Indiana sexual orientation and gender identity laws and ensuing coercion from government.

In other words, it eliminates any balancing test for sexual liberty and religious liberty. It says sexual orientation should trump religious liberty. That’s bad policy.
How many ways can Anderson say the same thing? According to him religious freedom requires a right to discriminate against gay people. As for that “balancing test,” we've already done that. We have clearly established what constitutes a public accommodation. If you cannot serve everyone then you probably should find another line of work.

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