Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Schaerr: Gay marriage disproprotionately harms underprivileged women and their children

Gene Schaerr is no idiot. He is a top notch appellate lawyer who was a senior partner in a respected international law firm. Having said that, his avid devotion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) is obviously incompatible with critical thinking and intellectual honesty.

Wednesday afternoon, Schaerr posted an essay to the Heritage blog titled: Why Are These Scholars Concerned About How Redefining Marriage Would Impact the Least Among Us?This goes on to prove, once again, that there is no shortage of absolutely crazy, mind numbing, headache causing, batshit reasons to oppose marriage equality. The truth of the matter is that Schaerr opposes same-sex marriage because of a religious objection — the Mormon Church is opposed to same-sex marriage. If he would just leave it at that at least he would be left with a modicum of dignity. His efforts to offer secular causes for opposition must have his former partners questioning his mental hygiene.

Schaerr informs us that, “according to an amicus brief filed in the pending marriage case by scholars of women’s and children’s welfare,” all sorts of truly terrible things are going to happen if gays can marry.

With a desire to limit brain cell attrition I won't go through the whole thing. However, this portion stands out:
The Practical Harm from a Redefinition Would Fall Disproportionately on Underprivileged Women and Their Children

History, moreover, has demonstrated that the socioeconomically disadvantaged are more vulnerable to changes in the institution of marriage and that fatherhood is more sensitive to these alterations than motherhood. Accordingly, these scholars predict that, over time, a redefinition-induced erosion of the traditional norms of marriage would lead many socioeconomically disadvantaged men to eschew marriage altogether. The result would be more children born to more single women mired in economically and psychologically stressful situations.
Seriously? Has any of this happened in, say, Massachusetts? Does Mr. Schaerr really believe this horseshit or is he being an advocate. Sadly I think that it's the former.

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