Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We have long memories Mr. Rubio - we have to

From the October, 2013 email promo,
(L-R) Mat Staver, Eric Metaxas, Marco Rubio
On the evening of November 16, 2013 my Senator, Marco Rubio, keynoted an event for an anti-gay hate group — Florida Family Policy Council. FFPC is perhaps best known for its leader, John Stemberger, who formed the Christian-only, gay-free Boys Scouts alternative. The group was behind the 2008 ballot initiative that banned same-sex marriage in Florida. John Stemberger, has an extensive history of anti-gay animus as documented by GLAAD. As a United States Senator Rubio lent considerable credibility to a fringe hate group.

But that was not just any night for Florida Family Policy Council. On that particular night, FFPC was giving a special award to hate monger Mat Staver from the anti-gay hate group, Liberty Counsel. By the way, I personally spoke with Rubio staffers by phone on October 16, 2013 (Miami) and October 17 (DC). In both cases they politely listened and did not reply.

As for Rubio's remarks that night, they were typical anti-secular Christian pander:
The moral well-being of our nation is our business. It’s everybody’s business … The debate we should be having isn’t whether or not we have a right to talk about values and morals in the public square, the debate we should be having instead is which values and morals our nation should focus on.
The American Dream cannot be saved unless our people have the values they need for success … They cannot be taught by government, and they will not be taught by the tornado of entertainment content and media messaging swirling around our children every day.
We hear about keeping God out of our schools, keeping God out of our politics, keeping God out of other people’s lives ... This is a ridiculous debate, because God is everywhere at every time.

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