Monday, May 18, 2015

A listless NOM goes to pathetic

Money to burn

On Friday National Organization for Marriage went to the well with “Stories You Won't Hear Anywhere Else” (maybe there's a reason for that). From his office in Pennsylvania Brian Brown, NOM's president, decided that now would be a good time to reiterate their amicus brief in Obergefell v. Hodges wherein they claim that all of the polls are wrong — grossly overstating acceptance of same-sex marriage.

If National Organization for Marriage could, they would be relatively quiet pending the outcome of the marriage cases before the Supreme Court. But NOM needs to raise money and that means constructing appeals to their supporters. It takes balls to go back to the people with your hand out. Lighting their currency on fire would have produced some light and heat. That is considerably more, in the way of return on investment, than NOM has been capable of providing. Yet these are true believers and that makes them uniquely vulnerable to nonsensical appeals.

From “the polls are wrong” Bri segues to “Heather and Katy Didn't Want Two Mommies.”
Heather Barwick and Katy Faust submitted a powerful amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court outlining their story and why they support traditional marriage.
In brief, Heather is a child of divorce and pissed off at her father for not being part of her life. Katy is a child of divorce and pissed off at her father for being a crappy parent. Their counterparts in heterosexual parenting abound.

From their we got to some poor schmuck, writing under a pseudonym, Paul Rosnick, in the Federalist with “I’m Gay, And I Oppose Same-Sex Marriage.” So? Then don't enter into a same-sex marriage.

Finally (at long last) we get to Ireland, asking for some sort of support.

But suppose they are right?

Let us suppose that the polls are all wrong. Let us further suppose that Katy and Heather are (somehow) really victims of same-sex marriage and lets presume that an anonymous article on a right wing website has some meaning for same-sex marriage. So what?

Aside from the fact that the Court probably voted and assigned the opinion on May 1, possibly May 8, what does any of this errata have to do with equal protection and due process? Brian Brown has already begun preparing for his next job. “Want fries with that?”

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