Friday, May 8, 2015

"Adam Miller: Con Artist" v. Transgender Atheist Activist

Adam Miller

You may have caught this on Raw Story. Some crazy ass spiritual healer con man is suing transgender and atheist activist Stephanie Guttormson essentially for outing him as a crazy ass spiritual healer grifter (who has the balls to call himself a healthcare professional) in this video:

I just thought that I would post the summons and complaint dated April 28 along with a link to Stephanie's GoFundMe page to help cover some of her legal expenses. It's worth noting that, in a reply video, Miller claimed that Guttormson could not be trusted because she is transgender. I don't see how they get to jurisdiction but it's going to cost Stephanie some money to get this nonsense dismissed and nonsense it is.

I mean, come on. This schmuck could cause people not to seek real treatment from a real healer — a licensed physician. How would you go about defaming a faith healer if you wanted to? Is that really any different from a Romana fortune teller? If anything this guy is practicing medicine without a license.

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