Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Christopher Doyle wants to Debate Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA)

Rep. Speier has urged the FTC to investigate gay conversion therapy practices. Christopher Doyle, a practitioner of gay conversion “therapy” challenged Rep. Speier to a televised debate. According to Doyle, Rep. Speier has it all wrong. Don't purchase popcorn futures; this is never going to happen.

Christopher Doyle claims that he can turn people from gay to straight. No matter how he tries to rephrase it, Christopher Doyle claims that he can turn people from gay to straight. He represents International Healing Foundation, crackpot Richard Cohen's organization (which still has not filed it's 2013 tax return). Doyle makes every effort to couch his language with love, acceptance and tolerance. He farts daisies as he strides through a meadow with Thumper and Bambi. If anyone has any doubts that Doyle is a vile bigot – if you think he gives a crap about gay kids – one needs only to read Doyle's screed in WND:

Rep. Jackie Speier is a United States Congresswoman representing San Francisco and the peninsula.

In November 2012 and again in December 2013, Congresswoman Speier introduced the Stop Harming Our Kids (SHOK) Act to protect young people from the psychological abuse of so-called LGBT conversion practices, which have been rejected as scientifically invalid by the American Psychiatric Association and other mental health groups for nearly 40 years. Being LGBT is not a disease that can be cured or a mental health issue that can be treated.

Inspired by California’s recently enacted SB 1172 and New Jersey's similar law, which prohibits state-licensed mental health professionals from engaging minors in these harmful therapies, the SHOK Act is the first federal action to address this problem.

One of these days the US House of Representatives will cease being the insane asylum that currently conducts group therapy sessions under the Capitol Dome. The SHOK Act does have a future.

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