Friday, May 8, 2015

Did you know that gay marriage is the cause of the California drought?

Bill Koenig
According to Bill Koenig, “White House reporter” for World Watch Daily, God is sending us a message. Talking to hosts Jan Markell and Eric Barger on the evangelical radio show Understanding the Times:
We’ve got a state that, over and over again, will go against the word of God, that will continually take positions on marriage and abortion and on a lot of things that are just completely opposed to the Scriptures. Unfortunately, a lot of times when it starts in California, it spreads to the rest of the country and even spreads to the rest of the world. So there very likely could be a drought component to this judgment.
As they so often say “God works in mysterious ways.” Ethnic cleansing of Native Americans and two centuries of slavery followed by institutionalized racism didn't seem to get his attention but a few queers getting hitched – well – God's about had it, huh?

h/t EcoWatch

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