Thursday, May 21, 2015

Liberty Counsel: Militant homosexuals want superior rights

On Thursday, the anti-gay hate group, Liberty Counsel, is going to court representing some so-called "Christian" magistrates in North Carolina who want to opt out of officiating same-sex marriages. This litigation began in January when Liberty Counsel filed suit in the Superior Court of North Carolina. LC's suit names just two magistrates, Charlie Smoak and Jane Doe. Smoak is no longer a magistrate while the anonymous litigant continues to serve in that capacity.

Do these two people have a sincerely held religious objection — or are they just trying to make a point? Have either of them actually been faced with officiating a same-sex marriage or is this a hypothetical objection? Do they object to other marriages that offend their religious beliefs or is it just gays who merit this special consideration?

The proposition is odious. Nobody is forcing these folks to be magistrates and they are public servants, paid by all of the taxpayers. Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be a way to otherwise accommodate a gay couple wishing to marry.

What is more odious is Liberty Counsel's hyperbole.
Militant homosexual activists do not want equal rights; they want superior rights, where their rights to same-sex weddings trump the constitutional rights of Christian magistrates and business owners.

This case reveals the conflicts erupting across the United States as intolerant activists impose their will on the majority of Americans who refuse to participate in same-sex unions. …
“Militant?” That suggests extreme zealousness, possibly violence. It would more aptly describe some anti-choice activists. They have actually murdered people. Perhaps the folks at LC are projecting. Not wanting to be turned away at the counter is hardly a request for superior rights. After all, the litigants admit that they want to discriminate!

Calling an historically oppressed minority “intolerant” for their opposition to bigotry is nauseating. In fact, it's kind of stupid.

Based upon the rhetoric one would think that that there are hundreds, even thousands, of cases where people claim that their religious freedom has been compromised by same-sex marriage. I know about a florist and a couple of bakers whose self-inflicted problems keep getting regurgitated. Most sane wedding vendors welcome the new business.

Most of Liberty Counsel's case is based on North Carolina's same-sex marriage ban. That ban was effectively nullified by judicial supremacy when Bostic v. Schaefer was decided by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, striking down Virginia's same-sex marriage ban. That became law throughout the circuit. The Supreme Court subsequently declined to hear the case. Where is the issue?

I would guess that Smoak, a retired sheriff's deputy, is an evangelical Christian. In the pleadings, Jane Doe's objections seem to reflect Catholic teachings with the “complementarity” bullshit. The Church has decided that it is the duty of Catholics not to cooperate with same-sex marriage. However, Catholics support marriage equality in percentages greater than the general public. Therefore, this is an issue of personal choice.

Liberty Counsel's hate-filled and over-the-top rhetoric is not only gratuitous but contrary to the best interests of their clients. That's just my opinion.

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