Friday, May 22, 2015

Majority of US accept that gays are born that way - and other encouraging data

Legal progress often tracks social progress. On Wednesday, Gallup released polling data that is very encouraging in numerous ways. A clear majority of Americans now accept the science that sexual orientation is innate. Only 30% believe that people are gay because of environment and upbringing.

Republicans lag the rest of the population but at least the lines have finally crossed. A small majority of GOPers accept that sexual orientation is innate:

When it comes to LGBT issues, there are usually a large number of people with no opinion. Note the 19 point gap in overall acceptance of sexual orientation as innate in the first graph above. However, when it comes to the morality of homosexuality, almost everyone has an opinion. 63% of our fellow Americans say it is moral while 34% have the opposing view:

Finally, while a majority of GOPers (at long last) believe that homosexuality is moral, there is still a 23% gap with Dems:

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