Friday, May 22, 2015

Reacting to BSA, hate group continues to portray gay men as pederast predators

Randy Sharp
AFA's Randy Sharp
On Friday, American Family Association, an anti-gay hate group, continues to propagate the mythology that gay men are a threat to boys. That claim is supported by neither the science nor the evidence.

AFA goes so far as to claim that by, just being around openly gay men, boys are more likely to – apparently “choose” – to be gay. It amounts to rank bigotry.

Statistically, by the way, I would bet that married Christian youth counselors pose a significantly greater danger to children than openly gay men. Nevertheless, according to an article on AFA's “news” blog:
Randy Sharp, director of Special Projects at the American Family Association, says the Boy Scouts are playing with a "clear and present danger" and parents should be aware.

"We would urge all parents to immediately remove their sons from the Boy Scouts of America," Sharp, speaking for the pro-family group, tells OneNewsNow [which amounts to AFA telling AFA].

He says homosexual leaders are poised to influence boys about their sexuality and their presence subjects boys to opportunities for sexual abuse by their trusted leaders.

Such an accusation is grounded in history. A 2012 investigation found the Boy Scouts allegedly failed to report hundreds of cases of child molestation to authorities for decades, USA Today reported at the time.
The notion that people are in a position to “influence boys about their sexuality” is patently absurd. I have no ideas about Mr. sharp's background other than the fact that he is an ex-Marine. Sharp manages AFA's web presence and web-based activism. It is safe to say that Mr. Sharp does not have an advanced degree in any of the social sciences. Does he even have an undergraduate degree in any field?

USA Today's story about the failure to report sexual abuse emanates from an article in the Los Angeles Times. AFA is unable or unwilling to accept the fact that openly gay men do not abuse children. Mr. Sandusky is the perfect example, married with children and certainly not identifying as homosexual.

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