Monday, May 11, 2015

Texas legislators will vote on two anti-gay measures this week

Texas' Fourth and Eighth grade students have reading proficiency that is below the national average — which is pretty dismal compared to the rest of the industrialized world to begin with. Yet, instead of addressing myriad problems in Texas, lawmakers are focused on gay marriage. Assuming that the Supreme Court strikes down same-sex marriage bans, about 98% of all marriages in Texas will still be of the “traditional” variety. Yet, well … you know.

One proposed bill would bar state, county and local officials from issuing or enforcing a same-sex marriage license, and prevent recognition of gay marriages performed in other states. Those folks will continue to issue licenses to people in prison or on their sixth marriage. Aside from being blatantly unconstitutional nobody seems to be embarrassed by the embrace of religious ignorance that creates these measures in the first place. Surely there must be some critical thinkers in Texas who object to this farcical and blatant discrimination.

Then there is another “license-to-discriminate” bill that is up for consideration. This allows people to refuse service to other people that they disapprove of — all veiled as “religious freedom.” Bring forth ye usual victims. There's that florist in Washington that they are still pimping. They can also rely on the genius baker in Oregon who thinks that smearing butter cream on sponge cake is some sort of religious sacrament.

Presumably Texans are first going to have to deal with Obama and his invasion plans.

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