Tuesday, May 19, 2015

When will these good Christians stop baseless fear mongering that pastors will be forced to marry gay couples?

Tony Perkins
Tuesday, Family Research Council, an anti-gay hate group, is misleading people — again. Clergy will never be required to marry same-sex couples. The only possible exception is a for-profit wedding chapel which is a public accommodation but Elvis probably wants our business. Otherwise, clergy will never be required to marry same-sex couples. We all recognize – or should recognize – that the Constitution protects clergy from having to consecrate marriages that do not meet their requirements.

FRC is promoting a video of a Christian pastor claiming just the opposite. The video is from Reverend Bill Shuler, lead pastor of Capital Life Church in Arlington, Virginia.

Here's part of FRC's recap:
"So the Supreme Court will make a decision," notes Rev. Shuler, turning to national policy and its potential effect on believers nationwide. "In the days ahead, it is very possible that the government may become all the more intrusive when it comes to churches."

Following a brief historical account of the often-misunderstood separation of church and state, Rev. Shuler gives a few real-life examples of intrusions beginning to happen. "Now the concern is, the government can demand of the church that you hire people who may not abide by the standards of the scriptures."

"Or, [the government can demand] that you must marry a couple even if the couple does not line up with the definition of marriage in the scriptures."
The answer to both questions is “no.” I know it; you know it; FRC knows it and Rev. Shuler certainly knows it. Federal public policy is probably best demonstrated with the 1964 Civil Rights Act which provides broad exemptions to churches and post-secondary institutions engaged in “the propagation of a particular religion.” This all makes no more sense than claiming that Shuler will have to marry a Jewish couple or employ a Jew as an associate pastor.

What purpose this fear mongering serves is anyone's guess. It certainly won't affect the outcome of the marriage cases before the Supreme Court. Perhaps they think that this can influence the wording of the opinion. Presumably every justice of the Supreme Court understands, without the intervention of FRC, the protections afforded to clergy.

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