Monday, June 29, 2015

No Mr. Brown - NOM has no reason to continue to exist

National Organization for Marriage
Having burned through tens of millions of dollars with nothing to show for it, National Organization for Marriage should probably call it a day. Brian Brown is trying to suggest that the so-called First Amendment Defense Act is a reason for NOM to continue to exist. The improbable passage of the bill can be coupled to the impossible enactment of a constitutional amendment to nullify same-sex marriage. Neither shall occur.

After reviewing the text it is clear that the so-called First Amendment Defense Act is just another attempt to create a license to discriminate. In the unlikely event that this was passed by both houses of Congress (if it even gets out of committee) it is a bill that President Obama would veto. It is clear that it does not have sufficient support to override a certain veto. The House version has only 69 cosponsors — the Senate version only 21. Most sane Republicans want to get past social issues.

Mr. Brown needs a new hobby. He should be embarrassed to ask people to part with more money to finance continuing ineptitude.

There is nothing to "Take Back"

There is nothing to “take back.” Civil marriage was not the estate of the religious right to begin with. Gay couples (some with children) will continue to marry and not much will change — except for those gay couples and their children.

People start to believe their own bullshit. The abstruse arguments against marriage equality circumvented the truth that the folks making those arguments were opposed to same-sex marriage because of a religious objection. People tied themselves in knots and tortured logic to divine a secular argument opposing marriage equality. One never seemed to exist. At least not one that was coherent; nor one that was persuasive.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

And so it begins -

“We never sought nor required your approval. Our world does not orbit around the religious beliefs of orthodox Catholics. We don't care.”

Sunday, the most popular post at is “The marriage debate is merely a proxy for a much larger revolution underway.” The post is not attributed to an individual author which is fitting since it is an amalgam of talking points floating through religious orthodoxy in reaction to Friday's Supreme Court ruling.

As an aside, is a trade name for two non-profit organizations; Fidelis and Fidelis Center for Law and Justice which are a 501(c)4 and 501(c)3 respectively and have combined revenues of $4.4 million.

Back to the post:

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mark Regnerus responds to Obergefell

Mark Regnerus

Saturday, 21 religious conservatives, mostly Catholics, have responded to the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges at First Things (an orthodox Catholic website). Among those is the disgraced UT, Austin Associate Professor Mark Regnerus. He begins with:
A half-life is the time required for the amount of something to fall to half of its initial value. If I take any comfort from the legal destruction of the timeless internal structure of marriage, it’s that same-sex marriage will have a short half-life. My bet is on fifteen years. In other words, within fifteen years the rate of its uptake among self-identified gay and lesbian Americans will fall to half of what we will observe over, say, the next few years—the time during which pent-up demand for same-sex marriage will have been met. After that, my best guess is that we’ll be able to discern its “standard” rate. (I’m afraid its radioactivity will not likely subside as rapidly.)

Tony Perkins - religious conservative cynic

Saturday morning, Tony Perkins, leader of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council, sent out an email to supporters with the subject “Urgent! Marriage decision update.” Perkins is a cynic. He is also a fairly well compensated cynic — pulling down $236 thousand for the year ended September 30, 2013 (the last year for which information is available).

Friday, June 26, 2015

NOM asking for "emergency contributions"

Brian S. Brown

National Organization for Marriage has spent tens of millions of donated dollars to accomplish absolutely nothing. Nothing unless you count Brian Brown's continuing employment as an accomplishment. At about 6:00 PM on Friday I received yet another email missive from Brown (who now should have the organizational life expectancy of a fruit fly). He writes:

LifeSite News Goes Unhinged

My inbox is filled with apocalyptic paranoia due to today's Supreme Court ruling. LifeSite News, an ultra-orthodox Catholic website, has become the voice of the most conservative North American bishops. Today's email begins:
Today is a black day in history. The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to redefine marriage will affect not just the United States, but will have ramifications worldwide. I hope you will join me in prayer and fasting that this unconscionable decision will instead spark a renewal of commitment by Christians and other men and women of good will to fight for the natural definition of marriage, and the rights of children to a mother and a father.

Brian Brown Makes a statement regarding SCOTUS

In a “press release” at Christian Newswire, Brian S. Brown, president of National Organization for Marriage, has registered his disapproval of Friday's ruling on same-sex marriage. According to Brown:

Thursday, June 25, 2015

NOM: The marriage equality movement is really a conspiracy to "destroy the family"

National Organization for Marriage
National Organization for Marriage staffers can be spectacularly stupid when citing abysmally moronic polemics and then adding their own “wisdom.” Case in point, one of NOM's pixies writes “What is the Real Goal of 'Marriage Equality'?” They go on to cite a piece (in Witherspoon's blog of course) by Adam MacLeod, an associate professor at Faulkner University which, for most of its existence was known as Alabama Christian College. You get the idea.

MacLeod's contention is that Massachusetts treats opposite-sex and same-sex couples differently. He reaches this conclusion based on an abstraction relating to legal parentage.

A federal License-To-Discriminate bill - and then some

The text of HR 2802 (the Senate version is S.1598) is now available and it comes as no surprise that the so-called First Amendment Defense Act would create a federal license to discriminate. This might make it out of committee but it sure wouldn't pass with veto-proof majorities in both houses and President Obama is not going to sign this bill.

Nevertheless it is instructive to see what the religious conservatives are up to. The bill and its companion in the Senate were introduced by Rep. Raul Labrador and Sen. Mike Lee respectively — both Mormons. It has had the strong support of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone in particular.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

NOM: "It's Crunch Time" - Are someone's balls in a vise?

NOM exists in order to continue to exist.”

So here's the latest gimme from National Organization for Marriage. After pretty much assuming that things aren't going to go well for them at the Supreme Court they set out to focus on two areas:
There are at least two critical elements in what we need to do:
  1. It is imperative that America has a president who is a champion for marriage — not a puppet of special interest groups or small but extremely vocal segments of our society.
  2. It's critical that the First Amendment Defense Act be passed to protect all people from discrimination and punishment simply because they believe in the truth of marriage as one man and one woman.

Oh no: "Tylenol's homosexual campaign"

The American Family Association is always on the leading edge of anti-gay activism. The time their target is Tylenol:
Gay and lesbian couples are featured prominently in Tylenol's new #HowWeFamily campaign, which aims to change the face of the American family.

A same sex prom couple and two gay dads with a baby are among those featured in the campaign's first TV ad. A voiceover declares, "Family isn't defined by who you love, but how."
Well pack my bags and seek asylum in Russia. This is clearly the end of the world as we knew it.

Jennifer LeClaire asks: "Does Same-Sex Marriage Collide With the Mark of the Beast?"

Jennifer LeClaire
Mark of the Beast fetishism – or superstition – is based on Revelation 13:16-18. It's about as relevant to public policy as triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13). According to LeClaire:
Rick Joyner has been a strong voice for marriage in America--and a strong prophetic voice in the nation for decades.

So what does he see regarding the potential onslaught of same-sex marriage in America? He's giving us something to think about in his latest episode of Prophetic Perspectives.

Peter Sprigg's anticipatory displeasure warm-up

Peter Sprigg

There is something masturbatory about explaining, in advance, why and how the United States Supreme Court is going to get the marriage decision wrong. It's also pointless. Most observers expect the Court to rule in favor of marriage equality. The anti-gay hate group, Family Research Council, will not be pleased. In particular their homosexuality expert, Rev. Peter Sprigg, will not be pleased.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Uh oh - A fourth blood moon converging with end of Shemitah spells DOOM!

Rick Joyner
It seems that pretty much the same people who claim that being gay is a choice are often invested in end-of-the-world fetishism. In 56 CE Paul claimed that the end is near. Christians (and some Jews) have been prophesying the end times ever since. In spite of the fact that they have never been correct, they keep doing it and people continue to believe it. The latest comes from Rick Joyner is nothing but a cynical grifter who has advice for sale. According to Charisma News:

NOM would be better off if they simply remained silent

Photo credit: Washington Post
That guy is Alan Hoyle of North Carolina protesting in front of the Supreme Court. To his right are Janet Porter's boxes of stuff that people paid to get mailed. Apparently Porter kept their money.

Tuesday, National Organization for Marriage wants us to know that their marriage pledge is a presidential litmus test. To demonstrate their political muscle, NOM quotes liberally from a piece that appeared in the Washington Post as part of their daily political rundown.

According to NOM:
As the article notes, every major Republican candidate in 2012 signed NOM’s presidential pledge, including nominee Mitt Romney. NOM expects the Presidential Marriage Pledge to play a significant role in ensuring that marriage is a top-tier issue in the campaign, and will work to ensure that the Republican nominee is a strong marriage champion.

Esurance produced a classy video on marriage and equality

The Esurance division of Allstate produced this marriage video featuring a wide array of participants including some gay teens. Some of the very young kids display a natural sense of fairness. Only an adult can turn a child intolerant.

In the real world Southern wedding vendors gear up for universal marriage equality

According to GPB Charleston event planner Toni Reale says that marriage equality been great for her business. Before the ruling in South Carolina she didn’t make any money from gay ceremonies, but now … “It’s ten percent of our business. We’ve seen a direct economic impact to our small business.”

In Savannah, Rev. Steve Schulte said that he looks forward to holding ceremonies for same-sex couples.

Monday, June 22, 2015

AFA: "There is nothing natural about homosexuality"

The anti-gay hate group, American Family Association, has had a Christian fit over this commercial. This provides them, through their One-Million-Moms with an opportunity to stage another hate campaign. According to AFA:
Chobani should be ashamed of their latest commercial for attempting to normalize sin by featuring two women naked in bed together. The newest commercial for Chobani yogurt has two nude women in bed while one lovingly strokes the other's foot. This commercial not only promotes same sex relationships by including two lesbians, but also same sex marriage because the two women wear matching wedding bands. The ad states, "To Love this Life is to Live it Naturally." There is nothing natural about homosexuality.

Senator Rubio's office unwilling or unable to provide a copy of an anti-gay bill that he is co-sponsoring

Marco Rubio

The point is that several Republican candidates for President of the United States … believe that supporting an anti-gay measure advances their cause.

Senator Marco Rubio (my junior senator) is a cosponsor of Senate Bill 1598, the odious so-called “First Amendment Protection Act” which seems to be just another license to discriminate bill. Rubio's DC office claims that they cannot provide me with a copy of the bill because the text has not yet been provided to the Library of Congress. Apparently Archbishop Cordileone has the text. According to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops the archbishop said:
It is becoming apparent that some who promote marriage redefinition do not support the coexistence and tolerance of different ideas in a pluralistic society but instead have a ‘comply or else’ agenda. … As a non-discrimination Act, FADA would protect these individuals and organizations from federal government discrimination.

According to Huckabee gay marriage could "Criminalize Christianity"

Mike Huckabee

In a June 18 open letter, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee writes:
I refuse to sit silently as politically driven interest groups threaten the foundation of religious liberty, criminalize Christianity, and demand that Americans abandon Biblical principles of natural marriage.
None of those things are remotely true. The quest for marriage equality cannot be reduced to the wishes of a political special interest group. Due process and equal protection are real constitutional requisites that a real presidential candidate would take seriously. The absence of equality hurts real people in real ways.  Furthermore, the recognition of same-sex marriage doesn't threaten religious liberty and it most certainly doesn't “criminalize Christianity.” Moreover, marriage equality does not require that anyone abandon religious beliefs. Americans remain free to believe what they choose to believe about marriage. Huckabee will certainly continue to be outspoken and proud of his bigotry.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

ADF: The reason to oppose marriage equality is that a baker violated anti-discrimination laws in a state without marriage equality

ADF is pimping Jack the Bigoted Baker again. Today they write “Same-Sex Marriage Doesn’t Affect Anyone? Just Ask Jack Phillips.” Phillips, you see, is the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado which is about five miles southwest of Denver. ADF recounts:
In 2012, David Mullins and Charlie Craig entered the shop hoping to have Jack create a wedding cake to celebrate their same-sex union.  While same-sex marriage wasn’t legal in Colorado at the time, … the couple decided to  get married in a different state and celebrate with a reception in Colorado.

Jack respectfully declined to use his creative talents in that way because he is a Christian and believes in biblical marriage between one man and one woman.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

No - Rachel Dolezal is not "trans-racial"

Ryan Anderson tweeted it and others have said it. Tuesday, the unfortunately named Bruce Gender writes in WND “If Jenner's a woman then Rachel Dolezal is black. David French wrote a similar piece for National Review. None of this has anything to do with Dolezal. This is all intended to discredit Caitlyn Jenner and, at the same time, to suggest that liberals have a double standard.

South of the border the bishops are serving up refried BS

Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, Archbishop of Mexico
As the New York Times reported yesterday, the Supreme Court of Mexico quietly legalized same-sex marriage. The country is 83% Catholic and when the bishops aren't organizing exorcisms, they are making the same tired and irrelevant arguments opposing marriage equality that we have become so used to hearing on this side of the border.

Monday, June 15, 2015

"Gay friendly" Franklin Graham vs. Wells Fargo

This is all bullshit. This was a business decision to reduce fees. The gay part came after the fact”.

The always pissed off Franklin Graham attempts to explain his little problem with Wells Fargo while claiming to be “gay friendly.” Seriously. Just to add some perspective, Wells Fargo had revenues of $84 billion dollars in 2014 with $1.7 trillion in assets at year end.

Cardinal Presides Over "Great Exorcism to Protect Mexico from Return of the Devil"

Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez
Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez
The people who do the most to promote discrimination against LGBT citizens have, well … other issues. We are now told that on May 20, behind closed doors in the Cathedral of San Luis Potosí, an exorcism took place. Headed by Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, Archbishop Emeritus of Guadalajara, with the assistance of Spanish priest and exorcist Fr. José Antonio Fortea, a group of priests performed a “Great Exorcism." This rite is intended to be used to exorcise an entire country. 83% of Mexico's population identifies as Catholic.

This drama was mostly about abortion. At the same time these priests and prelates are staunch opponents of birth control. Perhaps there are better ways of reducing the number of abortions in Mexico.

Friday, June 12, 2015

NOM: SCOTUS is irrelevant - Become a member

Friday, the anti-gay group, National Organization for Marriage, has trotted out the membership meme to attract donations while asserting a reason to exist past June. According to the aptly named Brian Brown:
They're fighting with all their might - We Must Fight Harder!
[ … ]
You see, no matter what the US Supreme Court decides later this month, after eight disastrous years of Barack Obama as president, we need someone who will boldly and honorably support marriage as the union of one man and one woman. We need the next president to use the "bully pulpit" to rally the American people. We need legislation enacted to protect people from harassment and punishment simply for speaking out in support of marriage. We need a president who will take the issue of religious liberty seriously. And if, God forbid, the Supreme Court illegitimately decides to concoct a constitutional "right" to same-sex marriage, we need a president who is committed to working with us to reverse such a decision, including committing to appoint pro-marriage justices to the Supreme Court.

Exactly when did Alan Keyes go mad?

Alan Keyes

In public life and as a perpetual presidential vanity candidate, Alan Keyes has always been a been nutty — but reasonably tethered to reality. Keyes does have a Ph.D. in government affairs from Harvard University and he was an Assistant Secretary of State under President Reagan.

So when did Keyes go batshit?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

AFA's blatant anti-Semitism

The anti-gay hate group, American Family Association, has a new site — I came across a piece titled “America's Future: Christian Persecution” which is topped with the following photo:

It happens to be a screen shot from a video about the sonderkommando at  Auschwitz concentration camp. These were the Jews who were forced to remove the bodies from the gas chamber and get them into the ovens. Then they had to clean the gas chamber of bodily waste for the next batch. Before the bodies were burned, the sonderkommando were required to pull out any gold teeth from those murdered.

Another phony Ph.D. from the holier-than-thou set

“Dr.” Raleigh
It seems that every Christian leader needs a doctorate and then he or she insists on the honorific. Sometimes these Ph.D.s come from unaccredited schools and sometimes the degrees are honorary. “Dr.” Alveda King is a prime example of this pretension. She uses “Dr.” wherever she can get away with it.

King and others would have people believe that they have an earned degree. It is not only pretentious, it is deceitful.

Peter Montgomery at Right Wing Watch wrote a first-rate piece about Promise Keepers' rather militaristic rhetoric towards both same-sex marriage and reproductive choice. “Dr.” Raleigh Washington is president of Promise Keepers.

North Carolina now has a license to discriminate law

The Raleigh, NC skyline
Thursday, the North Carolina House voted to override the governor's veto of a measure allowing some court officials to refuse to perform gay marriage responsibilities because of their religious beliefs. Last week the Senate had voted to do the same.

According to the AP, the law means some register of deeds workers who assemble licenses and magistrates to solemnize civil marriages can decide to stop performing all marriages if they hold a “sincerely held religious objection.”

Even for Witherspoon this anonymous post is a bit much

Just when you think that you have seen every conceivable argument in support of marriage discrimination, up pops a new one via Witherspoon Institute's blog. I'll paraphrase:

Gay couples should not have the right to marry because same-sex marriage advocates respond to a nonsensical argument that marriage is exclusive to couples that can crank out kids with the simple truth that we already grant marriage licenses to couples unable to have children.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I hate to break it to Mr. Staver but he is neither Dietrich Bonhoeffer nor ML King

Mat Staver
In Wednesday's Christian Post Mat Staver and a group of pastors threaten “civil disobedience” if the Supreme Court strikes down same-sex marriage bans. Staver, head of the anti-gay hate group Liberty Counsel, along with Deacon Keith Fournier, editor of Catholic Online, have drafted a pledge to that effect. Exactly what they plan to disobey or how they plan to do so remains unexplained. Marriage equality does not require Staver's participation, nor his approval. In fact, marriage equality does not affect Staver in any way whatsoever.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

NOM seeks special rights for some public servants

Brian S. Brown
Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage is now rallying its supporters to encourage the North Carolina House to override Senate Bill 2. SB 2 would have allowed magistrates to opt out of officiating same-sex marriages because of their religious beliefs.

Of course NOM frames this as an issue of religious liberty. Religious liberty is code for permission to deny service to people one disapproves of, falsely characterized as religious necessity. NOM should be careful. As an ultra-conservative Catholic organization, and proxy for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, they should know that there was a time in this country when Protestants openly discriminated against Catholics.

According to Brian Brown, NOM's president, (or the trolls who write this stuff):

Monday, June 8, 2015

Trying to decide if Pastor Lively is a sociopath or an idiot

I know. Scott Lively could be both a sociopath and an idiot. This is the second time today that he gets a brief comment. According to Lively:
There has been lots of talk lately from the reprobate left to the effect that churches should “lose their tax exempt status” if they refuse to “marry” homosexuals after the Supreme Court rules such unions to be constitutionally protected later this month (as many, including this writer, assume will occur).
"Lots of talk?" Who has made that suggestion? Who?

Matthew J. Franck explains why Loving v VA doesn't count - but Roe does - when it comes to marriage equality

Matthew J. Franck
Matthew J. Franck has taken to the National Review again with “What’s Loving Got to Do with It? Gay-Marriage Supporters Misuse a Precedent.” The reasons for making the argument may be more interesting than the argument itself. I'll get to that shortly.

Franck, the rather prissy Defender of the Faith and director of the ultra-orthodox Catholic Witherspoon Institute, indulges in a long-winded polemic explaining why correlating same-sex marriage to Loving v. Virginia is nothing more than activist hyperbole. At least that is his claim.

Scott Lively has a novel theory about Ukraine

Scott Lively

Pastor Scott Lively, the guy who claims that the Third Reich was actually a gay conspiracy, has made a discovery. According to Lively, “Obama Orchestrated Ukraine Coup to Re-Start Cold War and Prevent Russia from Leading Global Revolt Against LGBT Agenda.” Lively goes on to explain:
I have come to believe that Obama orchestrated the Ukraine coup to re-start the cold war to prevent Russia from leading a global revolt against his most sacred cow, the LGBT agenda. While there were clearly important geo-political factors in Obama’s decision to initiate regime change in Ukraine, I am convinced that the primary impetus was to nip opposition to the international LGBT political steamroller in the bud.
Makes perfect sense to me. No?

Thursday, June 4, 2015

NC House delays vote on veto override

The North Carolina House of Representatives was to have voted today to override Governor Pat McCrory's veto of a bill that would have allowed magistrates to opt out of consummating same-sex marriages. The vote has been delayed which means that they lack sufficient votes. Of course that could change any day.

NOM: "We have a plan" - "but we can't afford to do it"

Thursday National Organization for Marriage has informed all that “We have a plan.” They don't tell us what that plan is — just that;

They have a plan:

Let me assure you, we do have a plan. In fact, I just met this week with our senior team of staff and advisors to go over the plan, and we will be putting final touches on it over the next several days

Ukraine Pride "could become a massacre"

Kiev Gay Pride 2013
Ukraine is historically intolerant of minorities. Rabidly anti-Semitic Ukrainians have perpetrated violence against Jews since the beginning of the 20th century. During World War II numerous extermination actions were carried out by Ukrainians. Moreover, concentration camps throughout the Third Reich were staffed by Ukrainians (known for their savagery and brutality) who reported to SS overseers. Today, anti-Semitic incidents in Ukraine are somewhat routine. Indeed roughly 12% or more of the Ukrainian parliament have Neo-Nazi leanings — something that would never be tolerated in Germany.

Pretty much the same ignorant nationalists are threatening violence at a gay pride parade

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A sleazy Christian scam run by Janet Porter to part believers from their money

One month to save marriage! That's the subject of a Janet Porter email. And how does one “save” marriage? By sending “restraining orders” of course (at a cost ranging from $9.95 to $49.95 — depending upon the depth of your stupidity).

Staver: Nothing is more important in US policy than thwarting marriage equality

Mat Staver - Liberty Counsel

According to Mat Staver, head of the anti-gay hate group Liberty Counsel, same-sex marriage is the most important domestic issue in the United States. Interviewed for a WND piece titled “'Electoral suicide' to ignore No. 1 issue in U.S.” Staver said:
From a domestic standpoint, there’s nothing more important than this issue. … If a candidate does not address it, the candidate is ignoring the most critical domestic issue of our time.

Obviously, radical Islam, Israel, the Middle East, all that’s important. That’s from an international and national security perspective. They need to address that as well. But if they run from this issue, they’ve ignored the issue of our time.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

LC continues to display abject hatred of the LGBT community


Liberty Counsel, an anti-gay hate group, has gone unhinged over an Obama executive order requiring federal contractors not to discriminate against LGBT people. The controversy is less important than LC's language which is designed to dehumanize, denigrate, demean and demonize gay and trans citizens.
Last summer, the President signed an executive order requiring federal contractors to provide what Congress refused to pass, namely civil rights status for sexual behavior or subjective gender identity. …

Oregon bakers are the latest shiny objects in the right wing conspiracy pool

Now married - Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer
Oregon bakers seek reopening of gay marriage case over potential bias” shouts the headline in the ever erudite Washington Times. According to the article:
Officials with Oregon's Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) have been in close contact with Basic Rights Oregon (BRO), the state’s leading gay-rights advocacy group, according to emails released through a public-records request for the media arm of a conservative think tank.

ADF: The purpose of anti-discrimination laws is to punish Christians

According to Alliance Defending Freedom, the virulently anti-gay Christian legal group, laws intended to protect LGBT citizens from discrimination are really designed to punish Christians. In a blog post titled “When’s the Last Time You Paid Attention to City Hall?” ADF claims:
Cities across the U.S. are contemplating new laws that would put “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in the same category as race or religion.

FRC has a new website designed to ... do what exactly?

The anti-gay hate group, Family Research Council has created a new website to tell the stories of “victims” of the Homosexual Agenda™. For the most part these are the poor schnooks – often mobilized by pastors, anti-gay groups or ADF – who decided to discriminate against gays in violation of valid state and local laws designed to protect people from such behavior in public accommodations. They knowingly broke the law to make a point that gays are second-class citizens. Or do you really believe that religion requires a flower seller to qualify customers based upon where, and for what purpose, those flowers are to be displayed?

Monday, June 1, 2015

Oh those crazy Christians and evolution

In West Virginia a Kenneth Smith has filed a lawsuit (pro se) against local, state and federal education officials after his daughter was taught about evolution in school. According to him the teaching of evolution amounts to “the propagation of religious faith.”

According to the complaint:
Their actions during the 2014-2015 school year affects my child’s future directly through the state grading system to enter college and the ability to earn economic security and a good job in her chosen veterinarian medical field of work, by being taught a faith (evolutionary ideology) that just doesn’t exist and has no math to back it.

Key West gets permanent rainbow crosswalks

Photo Credit: Florida Keys News Bureau
According to a press release:

The City of Key West installed four permanent rainbow crosswalks Thursday at the intersection of Duval and Petronia streets, in the heart of the island’s LGBT entertainment district.

Spanning all four corners of the intersection, the crosswalks feature bands of all six colors of the rainbow flag, an internationally recognized symbol of gay and lesbian unity.

“Key West is very happy to be putting in the first thermoplastic permanent rainbow crosswalks in the state of Florida,” said Mayor Craig Cates. “It means so much to Key West to show our diversity, and also it goes perfectly with our ‘One Human Family’ motto.”

For Franklin Graham dehumanizing gay people comes naturally

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham is whipping himself and his followers into a frenzy over same-sex marriage. In doing so Graham is demonizing a vulnerable and fragile minority. In a piece published in Charisma consider the wealthy preacher's* description of a Supreme Court ruling favorable to marriage equality:
Should the verdict favor the fanatical proponents of same-sex marriage, it will dramatically and fundamentally alter the moral fabric and future of the American family.