Tuesday, June 2, 2015

FRC has a new website designed to ... do what exactly?

The anti-gay hate group, Family Research Council has created a new website to tell the stories of “victims” of the Homosexual Agenda™. For the most part these are the poor schnooks – often mobilized by pastors, anti-gay groups or ADF – who decided to discriminate against gays in violation of valid state and local laws designed to protect people from such behavior in public accommodations. They knowingly broke the law to make a point that gays are second-class citizens. Or do you really believe that religion requires a flower seller to qualify customers based upon where, and for what purpose, those flowers are to be displayed?

Only in the upside-down world of Christian fundamentalism could these people be victims and heroes while the real casualties – the people who were told “we don't serve your kind here” – are characterized as villainous oppressors. The laws that were violated were enacted by the elected representatives of the people and signed into law by the citizens' governor or mayor.

The logical conclusion is that conservative Christians have the right to decide which laws they will, or will not, obey. However, if recent events in Texas and North Carolina are any indication, America has caught on to this nonsense but we will have much more work to do in the future.

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