Tuesday, June 2, 2015

LC continues to display abject hatred of the LGBT community


Liberty Counsel, an anti-gay hate group, has gone unhinged over an Obama executive order requiring federal contractors not to discriminate against LGBT people. The controversy is less important than LC's language which is designed to dehumanize, denigrate, demean and demonize gay and trans citizens.
Last summer, the President signed an executive order requiring federal contractors to provide what Congress refused to pass, namely civil rights status for sexual behavior or subjective gender identity. …
In other words, neither sexual orientation nor sexual identity exist.
Faith-based organizations are providing assistance in communities across America, such as adoption, youth centers, child care and development programs, youth counseling, shelter, and much more. Not only will Christian youth programs be required to hire homosexuals, the facilities will be required to open housing, locker rooms and restrooms to people of the opposite sex who subjectively say they are the opposite of their obvious biological sex. Christian organizations cannot offer biblical counseling and, at the same time, hire people who do not follow the Bible and their doctrinal positions on human sexuality. Ultimately, this LGBT regulation is going to cause irreparable harm to the children and the needy.
The intended inference is that gays and transgenders pose a threat to children. No one is forcing any of these “Christian organizations” to accept government contracts. In fact, I am quite sure that we would do just fine without them.

Keep in mind that this is the fringe. Many religious organizations have no problem hiring LGBT workers as long as they do the work that is required.

There seems little doubt why Liberty Counsel has been designated as a “hate group.” It would appear that Mr. Staver is content to have his organization remain in that status.

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