Monday, June 29, 2015

No Mr. Brown - NOM has no reason to continue to exist

National Organization for Marriage
Having burned through tens of millions of dollars with nothing to show for it, National Organization for Marriage should probably call it a day. Brian Brown is trying to suggest that the so-called First Amendment Defense Act is a reason for NOM to continue to exist. The improbable passage of the bill can be coupled to the impossible enactment of a constitutional amendment to nullify same-sex marriage. Neither shall occur.

After reviewing the text it is clear that the so-called First Amendment Defense Act is just another attempt to create a license to discriminate. In the unlikely event that this was passed by both houses of Congress (if it even gets out of committee) it is a bill that President Obama would veto. It is clear that it does not have sufficient support to override a certain veto. The House version has only 69 cosponsors — the Senate version only 21. Most sane Republicans want to get past social issues.

Mr. Brown needs a new hobby. He should be embarrassed to ask people to part with more money to finance continuing ineptitude.

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