Tuesday, June 16, 2015

South of the border the bishops are serving up refried BS

Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, Archbishop of Mexico
As the New York Times reported yesterday, the Supreme Court of Mexico quietly legalized same-sex marriage. The country is 83% Catholic and when the bishops aren't organizing exorcisms, they are making the same tired and irrelevant arguments opposing marriage equality that we have become so used to hearing on this side of the border.

According to an email sent by Msgr. Eugenio Lira RugarcĂ­a, secretary general of the Mexican bishops’ conference
We reiterate our conviction, based on scientific, anthropological, philosophical, social and religious reasons, that the family, cell of society, is founded on the marriage of a man and a woman.
The connection between that platitude and denying gay couples the right to marry is lost on this observer. He added that the church’s position is “stated in the millennia of Western legal tradition, collected and deepened throughout our history by legislators and judges from very different schools of thought and ideologies.”

Yet again, exactly what is the objection to same-sex marriage? In reality we all know the answer to that rhetorical question. The Church disapproves of gay people. The teachings of the Church include the judgment that gay people are “objectively disordered.” There are no good talking points to defend that doctrine. Doing so requires the denial of science including decades of research and the conclusions of every mainstream medical and counseling organization. Therefore, the bishops will continue to insult our intelligence while making us question theirs.

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