Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Uh oh - A fourth blood moon converging with end of Shemitah spells DOOM!

Rick Joyner
It seems that pretty much the same people who claim that being gay is a choice are often invested in end-of-the-world fetishism. In 56 CE Paul claimed that the end is near. Christians (and some Jews) have been prophesying the end times ever since. In spite of the fact that they have never been correct, they keep doing it and people continue to believe it. The latest comes from Rick Joyner is nothing but a cynical grifter who has advice for sale. According to Charisma News:
With the convergence of the end of the Shemitah, the fourth blood moon and more, prophets far and wide have their eyes on September.

"I just began to talk about some challenging times but also incredible opportunities we have right now. Both are coming at the same time," says MorningStar President Rick Joyner.

Are crisis and opportunity for God the same thing? Watch the video to see what Joyner says about what could be in our (nearly) immediate future.
The Shemitah, by the way, is a seven year cycle beginning in roughly 1260 BCE. Joyner has this phony MSU or Morning Star University. It's not a university and it's not accredited. That doesn't stop Joyner from enrolling people. Joyner issued a bulletin regarding same-sex marriage.
Few events in history have so remarkably fit the biblical scenario of this mark as the potential U.S. Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. As bizarre as this may sound, this is an uncanny parallel to the biblical prophecy. Even if this is not the actual mark of the beast, it is at least a precursor, a “dress rehearsal” that sets up the world for this ultimate test.
No Rick. It's just bizarre. If you have the stamina to listen to this idiot he professes to be an expert on just about everything. This schmuck is never right but people keep listening to him and people keep paying him.

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