Wednesday, July 15, 2015

NOM trying to prove it has political relevance

According to National Organization for Marriage, “Iowa is Key” — send us money. They are “hard at work” doing exactly what? How are they using contributions to affect the outcome of the Iowa caucus. And so what? Brian Brown goes on to recall that Rick Santorum, their candidate won the Iowa caucus in 2012. Santorum is, and was, irrelevant. But “Iowa is key.” Seriously? With a straight face?
Iowa is a small state where politicians are expected to actively seek votes through personal campaigning. In 2012, Sen. Rick Santorum won the state in part because he personally campaigned in every one of the 99 counties in Iowa …
Ah, but let them explain:
NOM has thousands of supporters in Iowa with whom we are in communication to ensure that they are actively pressing the candidates on their positions regarding marriage, and asking for specifics of what they would do as president.
Those religious conservatives don't need NOM to tell them how to vote in the caucus. People are supposed to send NOM money because they are in communication with like-minded citizens? To what end?
But our plan includes much more, including making a very substantial investment in Iowa to educate voters about which candidates will be pro-marriage champions, and identify those who cannot be counted upon to fight to restore marriage. We are planning on running television, radio, newspaper and online ads across the state and also communicating with voters through direct mail and other means.

We need to raise several hundred thousand dollars to implement our plan in Iowa, and we need your support for this critical undertaking. Can we count on you?

Pay us! Because NOM has demonstrated so much competence in the past with donor money?

To accommodate Mr. Brown NOM is currently staffing offices in DC and Pennsylvania. They are paying Brown $250,000 a year and I suspect providing a second home in DC. This because he has been so successful? Brown is also getting a piece of the action from NOM's legal fees paid to ActRight Legal which he just coincidentally happens to be board chairman of. Perhaps that explains the willingness to hire John Eastman to tilt at windmills with donors' money.

But the real question is, if NOM raises those “several hundred thousand dollars,” how much will actually go towards influencing the Iowa primary caucuses? And what good does that even do? Are candidates running to or from NOM and their idiotic marriage pledge.

At the end of the day this is an obvious effort to sustain Brown's job. Give NOM money so that they can stay in business, not to accomplish anything but to be able to ask for more money so that they can stay in business …

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