Thursday, July 9, 2015

NOM's plan is "generating support" - Where?

NOM should be more careful about where they are getting their stock images:

I'm in the process of moving. Nevertheless, I did not miss the latest feel-good-send-us-money from National Organization for Marriage. According to Brian Brown, their five-point plan is generating support.

  1. Electing a Pro-Marriage Republican as President of the United States
  2. Holding the GOP Accountable
  3. Enacting the First Amendment Defense Act to protect the right of supporters of marriage to live their beliefs in the public square
  4. Build the grassroots through education and engagement, helping to rebuild a thriving marriage culture
  5. Lend support to other efforts to amend the constitution to repeal this decision.
Let's take these one at a time.
  1. If a Republican is elected our next president it wont be because of anything that NOM does. It might just be in spite of NOM. Republicans seem to want to move on.
  2. Brian Brown's little hate group isn't going to hold anyone accontable to anything.
  3. The First Amendment Defense Act doesn't seem to have much support because it is just another license-to-discriminate piece of legislation. Republican donors tend to favor gay rights or be agnostic on social issues.
  4. NOM has done nothing with regard to the marriage culture. Attempting to ban same-sex marriage lends no support to escalating divorces and children born to single mothers. NOM has never had that agenda and would likely be equally incompetent if they did.
  5. The Constitution is not going to be amended to ban same-sex marriage. They don't have the majorities required in Congress and they don't have 38 states to ratify. The idea of a constitutional convention is a pipe dream. Not going to happen.
This is just one more preposterous effort to claim that NOM is a viable enterprise. It is not. It hasn't been for some time. It is just inhaling contributions and exhaling BS. The point to all this is simple:


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