Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Send Perkins money - "Answer growing persecution of American Christians"

Christians are apparently a persecuted minority in spite of the fact that they comprise 83% of American citizenry. Sometimes I think that the only thing that makes these people happy is to be miserable victims. Tony Perkins, head of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council is very happy with the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality.

According to Perkins, in an email sent to supporters:
… extremists—including many in government—are seizing upon the Court's decision to attack your religious freedom and beliefs with a fury never before seen in American history.
Who? Doing What? The only “fury” that I have witnessed is coming from people like Perkins. He probably realizes that the bigger problem is one that will develop over time. Perkins and his ilk have been claiming with absolute certainty that same-sex marriage is the end of the world. Many gays are going to marry and, if anything is absolutely certain, the world is going to be pretty much unchanged for Perkins' constituency. Even they (who have the critical introspection of the average Schnauzer) might come to the realization that this was all unnecessary (and expensive) hair-on-fire hyperbole.

Perkins is out to convince people that same-sex marriage is a threat to their free exercise of religion.
In the roughly half-month since the Court unloaded its decision on America...
  • The governor of Kentucky, Steve Beshear, threatened county clerks with the prospect of stiff criminal penalties if they don't violate their conscience and issue court-created same-sex marriage licenses, and activists have filed lawsuits against the clerks. The ACLU has joined in with intimidation in Kentucky and other states.
  • Influential media voices have called for legalizing polygamy . . . for censoring religious objectors to court-created same-sex marriage . . . and for ending tax-exemptions for churches and ministries who don't knuckle under.
  • Left-wing activists are trying to use the Supreme Court's redefinition of marriage as a wedge to influence Christians to abandon their religious beliefs about sexuality.
Taking these one at a time;
  • Perkins is confusing conscience with the desire to demonstrate disapproval. Governor Beshear has simply explained that public servants don't get to choose which citizens they will, or will not, serve. If that presents an insurmountable obstacle then they should resign. Imagine what would happen if one of these people said that they would not participate in a Jewish or Muslim marriage. They may not want to do so but it is their job and they do it.
  • Polygamy is not in our future unless it can stand on its own and there doesn't appear to be any advocacy. Nothing has changed in that regard. Religious voices aren't going to be censored (insulting the First Amendment) and tax exemptions are unlikely to change — certainly not for churches and ministries. The intended inference is that the state is going to force houses of worship to sanctify same-sex marriages. Rubbish.
  • I don't know who these “left wing activists” are (beyond the generic evil adversary of Christendom). I cannot speak for everyone but am inclined to think that we don't care very much about the religious beliefs about sexuality that people hold. Perkins would like to think that we seek or require his approval to live our lives. We do not. 
The party continues:
Opponents of your faith are trying to shut down your right to free speech. Don't let them.

"Progressive" activists flooded a news network with thousands of demands not to even allow Christians like FRC's Ken Blackwell on the air (as they tried to censor me from appearing on CBS two months ago).
Those folks, including me, are not opponents of anyone's faith. What we oppose is the presence of hate group leaders as responsible spokesmen. Would the networks consider commentary on anti-Semitism from (Perkins' friend) David Duke? There is no discernible difference between David Duke and Tony Perkins.

This goes on and on and on including the obligatory shout-out to the moronic bakers in Oregon. It comes to a conclusion with this bit of sophistry:
I count it a privilege to serve Jesus Christ in such a moment. I count it a privilege to serve Him alongside you. I ask for your donation now—to help others be watchful, stand firmly, and walk in a manner worthy of the calling of being a follower of Christ.
The majority of Christians might disagree with Mr. Perkins. It seems to me (as a non-Christian) that a servant of Christ is a servant of mankind. There isn't one positive message in Perkins's missive. Not one idea for reducing human suffering. We have hungry, homeless and poorly educated children in America. Where is the effort to address real societal problems?

Hermann Göring noted at Nuremberg that it is easy to get the people to do the bidding of leaders. You just have to tell them that they are under attack. Tony Perkins character, his ethic, is reduced to the actions of the last schnook to fork over ten bucks in response to a disingenuous appeal.

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