Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Staver claims that gay marriage has created a climate like Nazi Germany

Mat Staver, head of the anti-gay hate group Liberty Counsel, needs a history lesson. It's no secret that many of these conservative Christians are anti-Semitic. It's a charge that they will counter by asserting their support of Israel. One thing has nothing to do with the other. Mr. Staver thinks that it is perfectly acceptable to exploit murdered Jews.

My friends over at Right Wing Watch are reporting that Staver said:
“This is the time like of the Nazi Germany when they’d knock on your door,” Staver continued. “‘Is there a Jew in your house?’ Well, if you say 'yes,' than the Jew is dead; if you say 'no,' then you’re dead. What are you gonna do? You gonna protect the person? Or are you gonna save your own skin?”
How many times do we have to explain to these nitwits that the use of Nazi imagery to make a point is offensive to Jews? Doing so diminishes the horror of the Holocaust.

The Holocaust began with boycotts of Jewish businesses starting in 1933, shortly after the Nazis took power. The Nuremberg laws of 1935 took away their citizenship and made Jews subjects of the Reich. Jews had no legal rights whatsoever. And by the way, Mr. Staver, there weren't many Christians who were sheltering Jews; not in Nazi Germany and even fewer in Poland and Russia. Only in France, Denmark and (surprisingly) Germany's ally, Italy, was there a concerted effort to protect Jewish people from harm.

The state systematically rounded up Jews and then confined them to ghettos where they could easily be gathered for transport to the concentration camps. Many Jews died during transport — packed tightly into cattle cars for four or five days without food, water, heat or sanitation. At the ramp, an SS officer made a selection sending women, children, the infirmed and men over 45 or so to their deaths in gas chambers. Those who weren't murdered served as slave laborers for the Reich and private German industry. Most of those died of a combination of malnutrition and physical exhaustion. In other words they were intentionally worked to death.

The Pope refused to explicitly condemn the murdering of Jews. Nor did the Holy See make any effort to rein in those bishops who were enthusiastic supporters of the Nazis. In one of his books Franklin Littell, who was a Protestant minister, asks:
How could such a monstrous crime be committed in the heart of Christendom by baptized Roman Catholics, Protestants, and Eastern Orthodox who were never rebuked, let alone excommunicated? Where were the Christians?
Getting back to Staver, the lawful marriages of gay couples is something that does not affect him in any way whatsoever. It is something that the average citizen won't even notice. It's a virtual certainty that the Supreme Court's decision in Obergefell v. Hodges isn't affecting anyone's citizenship. Nobody is being murdered or condemned to slave labor.

To compare a Supreme Court decision that Mr. Staver doesn't like to Nazi Germany is disgraceful. It should be condemned even by those who still oppose marriage equality.

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