Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The strange fiction of marriage "resistance"

Wednesday, James Matthew Wilson writes at the orthodox Catholic Crisis Magazine a piece titled “One More Nail in the Coffin.” I refuse to debate the merits of same-sex marriage. That matter is at an end. Concluded. Done. Marriage equality is the law of the land. However, a couple of items in Mr. Wilson's article caught my attention. Mr. Wilson, by the way, is an associate professor of religion and literature in the Department of Humanities and Augustinian Traditions at Villanova University.
In the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on gay “marriage,” … all persons of good will have a moral obligation to resist its march …
If whining is resistance then that obligation is fulfilled. Apparently people who believe in the constitutional concept of equal protection are not only immoral but people of ill will. Ill will is usually characterized by animosity and bitterness. Projection works in mysterious ways.

Beyond that there is a fine line between not wanting to accept the judgment of the nation's highest court and the denial of reality. The latter being a form of insanity. And collective insanity it is. Later on is this:
Advocates of gay “marriage” frequently claimed that the defenders of marriage were trying to protect a novelty, a historical fluke—the modern nuclear family.
Frequently? Who the hell said anything like that in the first place? If challenged they might find some crackpot who was interviewed (online) by someone I never heard of for a show that I did not know existed (archived on YouTube of course). After all, the Homosexual Agenda® was, according to numerous Christian conservatives, conceived in a book (After the Ball) which nobody seems to have read.

I can quote Dennis Hof authoritatively on traditional marriage. What is the point of doing so?

Why don't these folks focus on the 98%? If Spain is any guide, 98% of all marriages will continue to be of the opposite-sex variety. These people will unite in the same marriages as before marriage equality, crank out the same kids (many of whom will be turned neurotic) and sue for the same divorces at a staggering rate. All of those fatherless children are the result of opposite-sex unions, many of which did not result in marriages.

These people are standing amid a raging forest fire armed with water pistols aimed in the wrong direction. Priorities people. Priorities!

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