Tuesday, August 4, 2015

American Family Association means the Wildmon family at the trough

Tim Wildmon
Tim Wildmon
Don Wildmon is still an anti-Semitic and homophobic prick but he is no longer running the hate group, American Family Association. That would be Tim Wildmon who is also an anti-Semitic and homophobic prick. Prior to his father's retirement Tim spent most of his time as a Christian tour guide in Israel. Tim is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

Two new Wildmons are now on the scene. They might be Tim's sons. Both are blogging at AFA's new e-zine, Engage, which is supposed to attract millennials. Wesley Wildmon, 26, is AFA's director of outreach. His advice to college kids:
Wesley Wildmon
  1.      Write a personalized word of encouragement with a Bible verse to someone. Leave it in their mailbox or on their car. This makes them acutely aware that you are praying for them.
  2.      At the beginning and end of each semester, get a few of your friends to help students move in/out. When you are finished moving them in or packing them up, offer to pray for them and their upcoming semester/summer.
  3.      Donate an hour a week to a homework club at local high school or middle school. This is a huge opportunity to build relationships and influence those younger than you. By donating your time you can share your faith in word and in deed.
  4.      Develop a night that is centered on foreign exchange students. Help them learn their way around campus, how to get around the area and the best spots to eat.
  5.       What do you and other Christian friends do during your down time? Is it video games, movies, or binge watching Lord of the Rings once a month? Whatever it is, invite someone who isn’t a Christian. You don’t have to preach, but seeing true fellowship and the interaction of believers is often enough to spur a conversation of eternal value.
Sure Wes. Imposing your version of Christianity on captive audiences is a great idea. That brings us to Walker Wildmon who just graduated from Mississippi State. Walker is on the payroll as Tim Wildmon's assistant. Young Walker seems to think that it would be a good idea to undo the DoD directive issued during George H.W. Bush's term that somewhat limited firearms on US military bases. According to Walker everyone on base should be carrying a concealed weapon:
Walker Wildmon
A common argument against the idea is, “Do we want this many people with guns at one place?” The answer is yes. After all, these men and women are trained military members. They went through months of basic training and hours upon hours of firearm training in order to be a member of the armed services. Not to mention they have to qualify with firearms every time they go to training. If we can’t allow our military men and women to defend themselves while in uniform and on military bases, who can we allow?

It is time that all of our men and women in uniform be permitted to carry concealed weapons while on military bases
. The threat of terrorist attacks like the one in Chattanooga should be enough evidence.
Walker has never served. Turning military bases into the OK Corral is a terrible idea. I prefer to leave the decision about who should be armed to base commanders who can assess risk and capabilities.

Neither of the younger Wildmons seems to have weighed in on cultural issues. Let us remember that this is the organization that employs and has given a microphone to Bryan Fischer. These young men are willing employees of an anti-gay, anti-Semitic hate group. Sons of the idiot son? Idiot sons of the idiot son?

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