Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Exorcist: Pride is the Devil's favorite sin - I wonder who the priest has in mind

Dominican Father Juan José Gallego is an exorcist from the Archdiocese of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. It has been nine years since Father Gallego was appointed as exorcist. In an interview conducted by the Spanish daily El Mundo, the priest said that, in his experience, pride is the sin the devil likes the most.

That settles it. No more parades for you. And, yes, pride may go well beyond the gay manifestation but that is irrelevant.

According to the conservative National Catholic Register:
“Have you ever been afraid?” the interviewer asked.

“In the beginning, I had a lot of fear,” Father Gallego replied. “All I had to do was look over my shoulder, and I saw demons. … The other day, I was doing an exorcism: ‘I command you! I order you!’ … and the Evil One, with a loud voice, fires back at me: ‘Galleeeego, you’re over-doooing it.’ That shook me.”
“You're overdoing it?” This is not from the Onion. This, folks, is for real. Gallego goes on to state:
There was a boy whom the demon would set his shirt on fire at night and things like that. He told me what the demons were proposing him to do: If you make a pact with us, you’ll never have to go through any more of what you’re going through now.
This would all be comical, even quaint, were it not for the fact that the Church is the single most LGBT repressive organization in the world. People who believe in the Devil and demons and exorcisms are also teaching gay kids (and their parents) that they are suffering with “same-sex attraction.” All the while claiming that the Church loves them. The solution is no more realistic than the demons and exorcisms. The fix is found in the Courage Ministry which considers homosexuality to be something comparable to drug or alcohol dependence. The treatment is 12-step pseudo science.

So while we might find Father Juan José Gallego entertaining he represents the superstition that oppresses LGBT citizens around the world. My amusement is short lived.

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