Saturday, August 22, 2015

NOM conjures up new reasons to continue to exist

Other than some fear and hate mongering, National Organization for Marriage doesn't really do anything anymore. Its purpose is to provide salaries for Brian Brown and some staffers who, in turn, don't really do anything except to raise funds to provide salaries … and so on. NOM will continue to do this, at our expense, for as long as the faithful – or the gullible – will donate money. Creflo Dollar's new jet is probably a more worthwhile cause. At least that aircraft has a purpose.

To put this in perspective, during 2013 NOM (including NOM Education Fund) had 31 people on the payroll. An additional 19 people were paid as independent contractors. I suspect that those include Robert P. George and Maggie Gallagher.

So what are the latest insults to our intelligence?

I. Mikey Weinstein is a very nasty person.

Nearly two months ago, on June 26, Weinstein, head and founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, wrote a piece in Daily Kos titled “MRFF Demands Ouster of All Homophobic Military Chaplains.” Mr. Weinstein is an attorney — a litigator by trade. He is a pit bull when it comes to opposing the US military as a Christian institution. The piece is a good read. Mikey is truly gifted when it comes to pissing people off:
These pernicious bigots must stop trying to claim “Christian Victimization” when, in point of fact, what they are seeing is “Christian Equalization.” What truly troubles these cretinous sentinels of vile prejudice and hate-mongering bigotry is the fact that this ruling will go down historically as the watershed moment which may indeed shatter the spine of the Religious Right in the U.S. military
This has now prompted Brian Brown to write (and now, it seems, he writes this stuff himself) “Do You Believe that Christian Military Chaplains are Unfit to Serve, Cowardly and Losers?” After linking to Weinstein's piece there are three simple steps:
  1. “These radical activists have been emboldened by the US Supreme Court's ruling …”
  2. “This is another example why passage of the First Amendment Defense Act …”
  3. “Please give a generous contribution to NOM … so that we have the resources needed to fight against these radical activists … 
Precisely what does NOM propose to do and how do they propose to do it? I have yet to figure out what Brown does all day. Pray? Play video games? What?

II. NOM is helping to pass the First Amendment Defense Act.

What are we doing to pass FADA? For one thing, we are leading the effort to get thousands of people to show up at congressional forums to campaign for FADA. … NOM has been able to encourage thousands of marriage supporters to attend these events to ask for support for the First Amendment Defense Act.
“Leading the effort” mind you. Brown proceeds to list seven events for conservative Republicans. Presumably folks like Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III don't need much encouragement to sign onto something that is anti-gay. Then, as night doth follow day:
Whether you can attend one of these important town halls or not, I hope that you will stand with NOM to fight for the rights of people who support true marriage, and make a contribution …
So NOM's “job” is now to corral people to attend town hall meetings in order to advance FADA, a bill that probably cannot get out of the Senate and certainly won't be signed into law by President Obama. And doing that job requires funds which people should donate. I note that signing up for NOM's email feed requires a zip code. I have two recipients in two different states. Neither has received notices much less anything encouraging them to attend an event.

The obvious dishonesty from the holier-than-thou crowd never ceases to amaze (and amuse) me. Brian Brown actually has the temerity to claim that he his earning his salary by encouraging people to attend town hall meetings. I think that Brown has nine children now and Mrs. Brown is usually preggy. He probably hasn't been able to save a whole lot

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