Wednesday, August 5, 2015

NOM loses in Maine - again - Must reveal donors

Tuesday, Maine's highest court rejected National Organization for Marriage's latest bid to shield the identities of the donors to its 2009 Question 1 campaign. Maine Attorney General Janet Mills released a statement praising the court's decision. Mills said that Maine residents deserve to know who's paying to influence their elections.

“Enough is enough. NOM has fought for almost six years to skirt the law and to shield the names of the out-of-state donors who bank-rolled their election efforts. The time has come for them to finally comply with state law like everyone else.”

Question 1 (a so-called “people's veto”) was successful in overturning the same-sex marriage recognition law passed by the state's legislature. NOM worked closely with the Catholic Church which supplied an employee as a local campaign coordinator. Overall, the campaign  was managed by NOM's political director, Frank Schubert.

Question 1 was eventually reversed by the electorate in 2012.

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