Wednesday, August 12, 2015

NOM's bullshit and paranoia collide in their latest money plea

National Organization for Marriage continues to exist only because they can still convince some dead enders that NOM is more useful than foot fungus. It's a remarkable feat if you think about it and given the fact that they haven't a single success to their credit. Then again people are willing to fund the private jets of millionaire preachers. And that brings me to the latest email asking people for money. Shall we wade through? It's subject is: “Good News! You and NOM are Having an Impact!
I received some great news that I just had to share with you — because without your support of the National Organization for Marriage, it may not have happened.

Here's the great news — a national survey by Pat Caddell (a pollster and a Democrat) revealed overwhelming support for key provisions of the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA). Backed by NOM, FADA is critical legislation to protect our rights as Americans.
First of all, Pat Caddell hasn't really been a Democrat since the Carter administration and he is a religious conservative. When I first saw this poll I sent Caddell an email asking who the sponsor was (something that normally accompanies poll results). His office responded:
There were no sponsoring organizations, just a group of individuals who asked us if we could do a poll on the topic. We wrote the questions and did the analysis and shared our findings.
A group of individuals? You can draw your own conclusions.

Brian Brown continues:
We're getting the message across to Americans! Here's the proof:

The poll revealed that more than two in three of Americans are opposed to forcing an individual or business to participate in something like a same-sex "marriage" ceremony against their wishes.

An even more staggering 82% of Americans believe that a wedding photographer who has deeply-held religious beliefs in opposition to same-sex "marriage" should be able to say NO to photographing the ceremony.

And seven in ten Americans believe that protecting gay couples from discrimination and protecting religious liberty can both happen simultaneously.

This makes our work even more urgent!

Keep up the momentum and DONATE NOW! Your gift of $50, $75, $100 or more matters! Your gift will be put to immediate use.
Even if we assume that this poll's methodology is perfectly sound (which is a leap of faith) where is the “proof” (as in evidence) that NOM has anything to do with swaying public opinion?

We have a representative form of government. Legislation requires that bills survive enormous scrutiny. Even in the very red (and Catholic) state of Louisiana the legislature would not pass a bill permitting the kind of discrimination that NOM wants. Same in Indiana. When called upon and when we are able to make our case the general reaction is “bake the damned cake.” At the risk of repeating myself, the baker and the florist want to demonstrate their disapproval of gay people by refusing service and it's all cloaked in ready-to-wear Christianity as “religious freedom.” That's the very reason that we have anti-discrimination laws pertaining to service in public accommodations in the first place.

Money down the crapper
Congress will return from their August recess soon and NOM must be in a position to keep pushing hard for passage of the First Amendment Defense Act. Why? Because this legislation will protect people of faith from government punishment simply for believing that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. I know you agree with me that this is absolutely critical legislation!
So when NOM is not busy swaying public opinion they are effectively lobbying Congress. Even in the unlikely event that this blatant license to discriminate were to pass both houses of Congress there is no way in Hell that President Obama is going to sign it. So what is the point?
Despite the overwhelming support of Americans, you can be certain that the current administration will be looking for opportunities to punish supporters of traditional marriage. They will be actively seeking to force us to drop our opposition to same-sex "marriage."

Need proof? Their top lawyer already told the Supreme Court they'd be looking at whether Christian Colleges could continue to enjoy religious tax exemption if they don't recognize homosexuals as married even though doing so violates their deeply help beliefs.

That's unacceptable! And we MUST stop it NOW!

Don't give up — stand with us on the battle lines and DONATE NOW!
Why on earth would the administration be concerned about a settled issue? Also here is what Solicitor General Verrilli actually said in response to the question from Justice Alito about Bob Jones University:
You know, I ­­ I don't think I can answer that question without knowing more specifics, but it's certainly going to be an issue. I ­­ I don't deny that.  I don't deny that, Justice Alito.  It is ­­ it is going to be an issue.
The truth is that we are probably not going to see a big demand by married gay couples to attend Liberty University. And if they did? There exists no federal protection for LGBT citizens. The Bob Jones case involved discrimination in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
I suspect FADA scares the current administration. Why? Because FADA will stop the government from targeting marriage supporters. It will protect our rights to act on our beliefs in the public square.

Support for FADA is very strong and widespread! We have already secured the support of 183 members of Congress who are sponsoring or cosponsoring this important legislation. That's 42% of the entire Congress supporting FADA!
Actually no it is not. Opus Dei mathematics? There are 145 co-sponsors plus a sponsor means 146 in the House. That represents 34% of the US House. The Senate bill has 36 co-sponsors plus one sponsor (Mike Lee) is 37 which is 37%. If we measure by co-sponsors there is insufficient support for a simple majority.

Moreover, FADA is of no concern to the administration. If it passes it gets vetoed.

I don't know who is paying NOM's bills these days or if they are even getting paid. You have to be pretty stupid to fall for this line of crap. Perhaps desperate to accept the reality that gays are getting legally married and all of the quotation marks around the word marriage don't mean a thing. We neither require nor seek the approval of the Catholic Church or its sponsored organizations. All we care about is the marriage license which is now a reality across this great country. That is highly unlikely to change.

We have much work to do to attain full equality. However, marriage equality is now behind us.

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