Monday, August 24, 2015

Ted Cruz proves what a dick he really is

Many of you have seen the video of Ted Cruz's colloquy with Ellen Page in Iowa. It's at about the 1:12 mark that I want to vomit. Mr. Cruz talks about the importance of respecting diversity but you know that does not apply to LGBT citizens. After all, he has said “I believe that engaging in homosexual conduct is a choice.” Cruz is a smart version of Michele Bachmann.

At about the 1:40 mark, Cruz starts to speak about the unfortunately named Odgaards who own a catering venue called Gortz House (I believe that Gortz is the wife's middle name). These are the folks who are responsible for those obnoxious billboards that oppose marriage equality, even post Obergefell. Getting back to Mr. Cruz (and I confess that I am not the best transcriber in the world but it's close):

At the end of the day what we should not be doing is persecuting people who follow their faith. For example one of the couples who's going to be featured tonight … what we're seeing right now is it actually we're seeing Bible believing Christians being persecuted for example … One of the couples tonight they're wonderful couple they own a historic Lutheran Church for many years they hosted weddings in their church until a couple of years ago two men came wanting to have a same sex wedding ceremony in their church. … It would be contrary to their faith for them to celebrate in their church awaiting come on contrary to their religious beliefs and teachings … and they made a promise never again to celebrate a wedding in their church.
Cruz may be deranged but he's no dummy. Cruz is trying to suggest that the venue itself is a house of worship or a religious facility. He uses the word “church” five times. The simple fact is that this is unadulterated bullshit. The Odgaards do not own a church. They own a catering hall that was once used as a church. It ceased to be a church when the congregation sold it. Gortz House is not a house of worship. Gortz House is a for-profit catering hall. As such, the owners are required to comply with state and local anti-discrimination ordinances. They do not get to choose which laws they will, or will not, obey. That is not how things work in a civil society. Nobody is forcing these people to be in the catering business.

Furthermore, regardless of how religious these people claim to be, allowing two men to have their wedding reception on their premises does not compromise their beliefs. Enforcing the law which was enacted by their elected representatives is not persecution. Indeed, as Mr. Cruz knows all too well, this issue was settled with Scalia's opinion in Employment Division v. Smith. There are no religious exceptions to otherwise valid laws. Nor should there be.

The people who really were persecuted are the gay couple refused service. Cruz makes it sound like the Odgaards were victimized. At $5,000 they got off very cheap. Too cheap in my opinion. As for Ted Cruz; He's just another pimp with grand ambitions and diminished sanity.

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