Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Blaze: "Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Intimidate County Offices"

I'm sorry that I looked at this because the sheer stupidity is enough to make me want to chew on a faucet. I gather that the Blaze is Glenn Beck's home asylum. According to Eric Patterson, who also happens to be the dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, we are “intimidating” county officials by asking public servants to do their fucking job. It's really an astonishing point of view. According to Patterson:
County and city records offices across the country have been simmering for the past month due to the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling. There are many places where county clerks have refused to provide same-sex marriage licenses, citing religious freedom. Some are being fired while others remain, however perilously, on the job.
Well poor them. They are not being permitted to display their disapproval of gay people by withholding services. In the final analysis that is what this is all about given that processing paperwork is not exactly a religious sacrament.

We are refused service by a government employee and they are the victims? No. Uh uh.

What is going on is a calculated effort by the gay lobby to intimidate people of faith in the public and private sectors to embrace same-sex marriage. Whereas those in private business may be able to defend themselves over time, it is unclear that government workers will be able to.
What is going on, you mindless Christianist tool, is a calculated effort to get marriage licenses that we are lawfully entitled to.
What is happening is an intimidation campaign. These clerks are being deliberately targeted as bigots and law-breakers in order to force city and county offices to acknowledge and legitimize same-sex marriage, and thus scare off opponents.
What the fuck? They are targeted as the person to whom we must go for a marriage license. According to this guy's “logic” we are sending in ringers to get licenses just so that we can force these people to break the law. Is this what passes for critical thinking at Regent U? DOJ is full of these morons, leftovers from the Bush administration.
Observers of government departments may see a wave of transfer requests, retirements, and resignations in the next 12-24 months as people with faith-inspired, traditional views on marriage depart. This would be a tragedy for communities and agencies across the country, because the U.S. is already facing a government retirement wave of Baby Boomers with too few younger people qualified and interested to meet the demands of public service. But such a purge would be perfectly acceptable to the same-sex marriage advocates. In fact, that may be their primary goal.
Good. Let them all find less taxing jobs. Maybe they can become Christian clergy.

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