Friday, August 14, 2015

What would Friday be without a head scratcher from NOM?

National Disorganization for Marriage has a new email and blog post titled “White House Witness.” According to Brian Brown:
One of the most encouraging developments since the US Supreme Court issued their illegitimate and wrongly decided ruling on marriage is the degree to which faithful citizens have been stirred to work to reclaim marriage. Countless community-based efforts are underway, developed spontaneously simply because people cannot tolerate a ruling that is so profoundly wrong for society, families and especially children.
Most sane people have moved on — realizing that marriage equality only affects those thus wed. Not to mention that marriage equality has been the law of the land since June 26 and that is not going to change.

Mr. Brown continues:
I am speaking at one such event this Saturday, August 15th, called "White House Witness." Organized by the faith-based group The Kings Men, we will be gathering hundreds of people in front of the White House to do three things:
  1. Pray for the restoration of marriage. We'll pray the Rosary in front of the White House and urge Americans to pray daily, fast weekly and sacrifice for the truth of marriage.
  2. Demonstrate in the public square. It's not enough to act privately in support of marriage; we must demonstrate in the public square our support for the truth of God's design for marriage. That will be a key element of our gathering on Saturday.
  3. Witness to God's plan for marriage by offering an authentic witness to the public about the true nature of marriage, how the gift of children can enrich family life and the sheer goodness that marriage provides society.
I hate to be rude but are you fucking kidding me? Praying the rosary is going to bring back marriage discrimination? Justice Alito was right (as he was wrong) when he mentioned his fear of being perceived as “superstitious fools” in his Windsor dissent. And by the way, would someone please tell me exactly why this is so important? Precisely what is it that engenders such an event?

Brian Brown is now comparable to the deranged people who parade around the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York with signs that read “The end is near” and “The wages of sin is death.” These are the same crackpots who were convinced that some sort of “Marriage March” would have some mystical effect on Obergefell v. Hodges. Brown is shamelessly asking the same people for more money.

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