Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Why is Jennifer Roback Morse still hawking her 2008 - $30 - "Defense of Marriage" DVD?

Jennifer Roback Morse

Wednesday I received an email from Jennifer Roback Morse, president of the (former National Organization for Marriage subsidiary) Ruth Institute. It's subject line reads “Let's stop experimenting with children.”

Morse, like some other conservative Catholics, is unable to accept the fact that marriage equality is a settled issue. They seem incapable of grasping the simple truth that no amount of arguing or complaining is going to change the law of the land. Theirs are the arguments that failed to persuade five justices of the Supreme Court.

After some preliminaries Morse offers some nonsense from the Bobby Lopez/Katy Faust set (Faust, by the way, has been doing the same thing in Australia recently):
Others who oppose gay marriage and were also raised by same-sex couples told their stories, too. One of them was Katy Faust who was raised by a gay mom in Portland, Oregon. Although Katy’s father remained involved in her life, when she began to reflect on her childhood and became a mother herself, she became convinced that no child should be deprived of a mother.
It is pointless for me to continue to debate a losing argument. What does Ms. Morse hope to achieve? And it gets worse. Morse is still hawking her $30.00 DVD:

According to Ruth Institute:
This Four-Part Training Series in defense of marriage, recorded in 2008, shows how Dr. J's predictions on the future of marriage have been frighteningly accurate. These talks offer vital and useful training for the pro-marriage proponent …
Why would anyone pay to hear hours of losing arguments?

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