Monday, September 14, 2015

A pre-synod conference on gay people in Rome - just to channel the homophobia

Courage International (with a little help from our old friend, Jennifer Roback Morse) is holding its first conference in Rome to “address the pastoral needs of men and women who experience homosexual tendencies.” Or, as I would put it, an exploration of methods to shame gay people who well then feel that they need the Church to absolve them of guilt. The Church is intent on making gay people self-loathing.

According to the National Catholic Register:
Are same-sex relationships a concern for the family? Father Paul Check, executive director of Courage International, believes that they are; and that is why the Courage apostolate has planned a one-day conference “Living the Truth in Love” at The Angelicum in Rome on October 2 …
Holy crap (literally)! Gays are a threat to the family. Father Check doesn't get around to explaining what that threat is. This prick is too busy telling people to be afraid of us while, at the same time, assuring us of his love. Imagine some gay kid hearing this nonsense.

Later on:
Same-sex attraction is an important political issue in contemporary society; but the conference will also consider it as a personal reality in the lives of individual men and women. The speakers will address the complex reality of homosexual tendencies through the lenses of the empirical and social sciences, the personal experience of homosexuality, the testimony of Sacred Scripture, as well as Sacred Tradition—the bi-millenial wisdom of the Catholic Church.
“Empirical” is not a science — it is the basis for repeatable results of tests. Nothing about this is empirical I can assure you. Real scientists start with a hypothesis and are agnostic with respect to the results of tests. They base their conclusions on the evidence. These theologians and religious zealots prostitute their education. They start with a conclusion and work backwards using selective observation to find a tiny bit of questionable evidence in support of the preordained result while ignoring a mountain of evidence that is contradictory. This methodology makes them crackpots.

Former National Organization for Marriage employee, Jennifer Roback Morse, gets in on this debacle:
Registrants will hear from faculty including Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments; Cardinal George Pell, prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy at the Vatican; and Monsignor Livio Melina, president and professor of moral theology at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family at the Lateran University in Rome. The conference will also bring together experts including Dr. Paul McHugh of Johns Hopkins, clinical psychologist Dr. Timothy Lock, and Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute.
So we have three priests with no erudition whatsoever in social science. Then there is McHugh who is a former member of the United State Conference of Catholic Bishop's National Review Board. He also is 84 years of age and insists that sexual orientation is a choice. Timothy Lock is associated with NARTH and Courage International. According to his website he is “Integrating Catholic faith principles of healing with professional knowledge and experience.” That's not science. That is theology. And Morse? Morse is a Defender of the Faith™ for sure. She is also an economist. What does she know about gay people or social science?

These fanatics are undoubtedly going to peddle the same bullshit that they have proffered for decades in spite of science. It's not just a harmless waste of time. It demonstrates that the Catholic Church is as anti-gay today as it was ten years ago. The rhetoric is refined but the message stays the same.

Courage Ministry treats homosexuality like an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The answer to that is twelve-step pseudo-science repackaged for queers. If these people were capable of even the slightest amount of critical thinking they would be embarrassed. They are not thus they are not.

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