Monday, September 21, 2015

Awaiting the freak-out over Eric Fanning

Eric Fanning
Eric Fanning has been nominated to be the next Secretary of the Army. Fanning is eminently qualified. He has been serving as the acting under secretary of the Army since June. Prior to that, he served as Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s chief of staff. If confirmed by the Senate, Fanning will succeed Army Secretary John McHugh, who served in that position for six years and is leaving the post by November 1.

Did I mention that Eric Fanning is gay? It should be irrelevant to his confirmation. The Senate vote will be very revealing. So far the usual conservative Christian suspects have been relatively quiet.

There was no mention of Fanning in Tony Perkins' end of week summary on Friday that was emailed to supporters. Charisma News merely repeated the Reuters piece on Fanning. Alan Keyes' Renew America (a leading purveyor of the crazy) provided a teaser and link from the Washington Post.

The hate-fest known as the Values Voters Summit commences this Friday. It will be interesting to see if Mr. Fanning becomes an object of derision. Huckabee, Carson and Santorum will have ample opportunities to display their sundry anti-gay pathologies.

I usually don't quote Scott Lively but he can be amusing and he probably reflects what others think but have not said. According to Lively on Friday:
Obama to nominate first openly Sodomite service secretary to lead the Army

Another sledgehammer blow against the U.S. military by it's "Commander in Chief" 
Scott has a point. Undoubtedly Mr. Fanning will be organizing hordes of predatory homosexuals led by a lesbian undersecretary of the Army. Delta Force will be renamed “Mars Team.”

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